Love is Our Natural State of Being

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When mindfulness opens the gates of our inner worlds and grants us the space to be peaceful and flowing, it’s the magical love for ourselves, which flows naturally out of those gates. It’s pure joy in the hearts of people that brightens up even our darkest experiences. It’s the music, which transforms our lives into perfect works of art and gives us the power to see the miracle of creation in every little grain of sand.

There is a lot of talking about learning to love oneself, and I have used that expression too, but I’m sure that self-love is actually our natural state of being. Love is the main ingredient in every creation of the universe. In a perfect society, nobody would even come up with the idea of learning to love, because of its obvious nature.

In this world, however, we see so few loving people, who actually care about themselves. If we walk on the streets, we rarely see the shining sun on people’s faces. They are more likely to look depressed and frightened, empty of life. They don’t smile or even want to look into each other’s eyes.

But why? Why have the people lost the ability to shine and love, which was so natural in our childhood?

In this society we are surrounded by countless programs and manipulations. School, work, media, television, newspapers, commerce… There are endless amounts of signals that tell people they are never worthy enough. This consumption what we see in our modern world, is the expression of the absence of love. People are using each other, because they don’t feel connected to themselves or nature.

This is just a learned unnatural behavior, which is needed to power the Matrix, nothing more. Nobody or anything can take something, which has always been there. We have built thick layers to keep our love suppressed, but it will be released as soon as we let go of our massive and troublesome backpack.

Self-love is underneath the ego layers

Self-love is not egoism like many people usually think. Egoism has more to do with the ego and its fears or insecurities. The people who are egoistic must constantly strive for acknowledgement and respect, because they believe in separation and their incompleteness. They may act like they don’t care about other opinions, but in reality it’s their biggest motivation. A narcissistic person always fights for his reputation and wants to look better than others, worrying about fancy clothes, cars or his physical appearance. There wouldn’t be so much stress involved if he only did it for himself.

He often forgets about other people’s needs and acts disrespectfully towards them. It doesn’t mean that he wishes harm to others. Actually he desperately needs closeness and love like everyone else, but he searches it from the wrong place. He chases illusions of the external world, never looking inside.

The illusion of separation can express in another way as well. Not everyone becomes an arrogant road roller. Sometimes they direct their fear inside, criticizing or hating themselves. Because of some fixed image how they should look in the society, they feel worthlessness when they don’t match that illusionary image. The world seems to be a hostile place to live, and they can deeply believe that their whole life is just a terrible mistake.

I was also this kind of a victim once. I felt how different I was from everyone else. I felt like no one understood me. I behaved destructively towards myself, filling my head with negative thoughts and even wishing to kill myself at some point. I believed that there was something wrong with me. That I was being guilty of being me and that my whole existence caused only harm to my family.

It all happened, because I had an idea of some normality. I thought I should have been like all the rest, and that made me extremely unhappy. For a long time I felt only pain, fear and loneliness. But after I began to accept myself and the situation I was in, everything changed. That was the best decision I’ve ever done.

Of course I didn’t “learn” to love and accept myself overnight. At first I just deeply wanted to change my life. I suffered enough until my self destructiveness became sadness and empathy toward myself, which helped me to let go of my ego. And then I decided that I would never give up. I knew there was still hope in the world. I discovered love and gratitude from the depths of my body and soul. After that, a huge door was opened and my life was slowly starting to transform.

Love is in the present moment

There is no need to learn how to love. Actually, love has always been inside us, but we just haven’t been aware of it. Love flows when our mind takes a break, and we live in the present moment. We could feel that powerful energy instantly, but it usually takes time to let go of our limiting patterns. Learning mindfulness is actually an unlearning process. We have used to identify with our minds so much that it’s quite challenging to break free, but when we let go of our excess baggage and take a deep breath, we can all feel it.

Sometimes we search for years to finally realize that we have always had everything we need. That’s the mystery of life.

Love is all that matters. Love is all that is real. I don’t know a lot of things about this world and I usually question everything, but I know that love is real. And that’s why it has become the center of my life.

Loving ourselves means letting go of our dreams and wants to let them fly freely. It means to accept your current life situation exactly as it is and make peace with it. We don’t give up what we love, or abandon our dreams, but we find the love in what we are and do right now. We only let go of the need to control. The belief that there are good and bad experiences. Or that everything has to happen exactly the way we want. Instead we let these wishes go to do their magic.

If you start to love yourself, you have the power to love and respect everything that exists. There is harmony, closeness and connection. You learn to live in the moment, the land of all dreams. Nothing seems impossible. The past and the future doesn’t matter much, because everything happens in the now, and you can always change and start again.

Self-love is the greatest and most important treasure in this universe. It’s life itself!

Watch this amazing video to get in touch with your love right now 🙂

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