Why Should You Wake Up Without a Phone In Your Hand?

I always recommend starting with a phone-free morning if your goal is to increase productivity, have more energy, overcome depression, and actually live a life of joy and meaning. Why?

When you wake up with a phone in your hand, you will be reactive to noise and other people’s demands. When you stay offline, you will be connected to yourself and everything that’s more important.

When you start with scrolling, reading the news or comparing yourself to others, you will more likely be distracted, confused, demotivated or even depressed. Once your energy is drained, it impacts the whole day. But when you start with yourself, you will feel focused and calm. You will know exactly what to do or what is important, especially if you have a proper morning routine. You will be inspired and ready to take action. And believe me, you will not miss out on anything. 

I’m saying this because most of us are doing it habitually. We are so used to waking up with a phone that we don’t even notice its effects on our wellbeing. By going online, our state of mind shifts and we start having different thoughts and feelings. We actually become someone else. It can be subtle, but it’s true. And even a bit scary.

I used to play games, watch anime and TV shows, or scroll on social media as soon as I woke up because it was the easiest thing to do. I knew it was messing up my whole day, but it was really hard to resist the urge. I often feel sluggish and demotivated in the morning, so it seems really great to get that dopamine hit as soon as possible. But every time I do that, I feel even a stronger lack of motivation. It starts this quick pleasure rollercoaster which is not easy to stop.

I encourage you to avoid the screens at least an hour after you wake up. Have a shower instead. Leave your home to go for a little walk. Clean and organize your room. Or read a book. Even listening to motivational music is fine. I promise that you will feel more alive. You will notice new ideas or insights in your head. You’ll remind yourself what is really important to you. Maybe you will even get inspired to create something – either work or hobby-related.

Small habits like making my bed and avoiding the internet in the morning were crucial on my journey to a fulfilling life. It is very easy to underestimate, but please try it. Notice what is different. Write it down. At least start noticing how you feel. You need a comparison to really know the difference if waking up with a digital device is your normal way of being.

Take the first step. Try it for a day. To be sure, do it for at least 3 days. Then compare your feelings. If you feel better, go for 7 days. 30 days. Eventually, you will be a changed person, only thanks to this tiny little change that will start a positive momentum towards your new happy and successful life!



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