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What to do if you are so depressed, demotivated, or addicted to screens that you don’t get anything done? Life can feel out of control. Even your physical space might look like a total mess.

Now it might seem like a pointless small thing, but I recommend you to start making your bed right after you wake up or return from your bathroom.

I have had times when I felt like the laziest and most addicted person alive. I couldn’t achieve anything other than watching TV shows or playing video games all day. I hated this feeling of emptiness, but I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t have energy or motivation. Everything seemed so difficult.

Why care about this meaningless habit, I thought. It is more comfortable to let the sheets stay as they are – at night I’m going back to bed anyway! Who cares, no one is coming to visit me yet.

But something was telling me that it was important. At least I felt better about myself. And I knew that it all begins with tiny steps to change my state of consciousness and take control over my life.

Finally, in my mid-20s, I committed myself to making my bed every morning and it made a huge difference to my life! I used to go online as soon as I woke up or used the bathroom, but cleaning and organizing became a part of my morning routine which I have been consistent with for years. It was the first step towards dealing with my severe procrastination.

Making Your Bed Makes You Confident

It puts you in control. If everything else fails, at least you are strong enough to do overcome this small resistance. You can always rely on yourself to make it happen. You get a sense of success (a feeling of progress) and you might want to continue making positive improvements or at least keep yourself afloat in the darkest times.

Making Your Bed Clears Your Thoughts

Engaging with your physical environment takes you into the present moment, gets the energy circulating, and clears your thoughts. If your physical space looks clean and organized, you feel more peaceful and focused. It just might be the secret ingredient you need to overcome depression and take control of your life.

Making Your Bed Helps To Build Habits

Habits like to follow each other. For example, it is much easier to brush your teeth in the morning when you are going to the bathroom anyway. Your environment acts as a cue to do something. Likewise, making your bed can trigger another positive habit like decluttering your space, washing dishes, and maybe even going for a walk since you feel more energized. Ultimately, it reminds you why it is important and who do you want to be.

Making your bed can be the beginning of a healthy and productive morning routine that will eventually change your life. But if you are struggling with basic activities, then you should focus on building this small habit first. Do it for at least 30 days and notice the difference. You will probably feel proud of yourself, even if it’s a small thing because you are capable of doing it consistently and that feels powerful! Always remember to celebrate your small wins because everything starts with them.

Well, who knew… the mothers were right!



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