Are you a coach, a therapist, a consultant, or a content creator who wants to be more visible, find more clients with less time and dedicate yourself to your mission instead of tinkering online?

I’m a part-time productivity coach and content creator who knows how challenging it can be to launch a new service. I’ve combined my strengths and interests to help people whose mission matters to me.

I create marketing-driven websites and provide business consulting to start-up service providers who benefit more from their first clients than a pretty website.

Attracts clients

A well-designed website is not just a business card, it is also a good salesman. Let me help you stand out and appeal to your ideal customer. I'll make sure you're as visible as possible on Google, and I'll also set up the most important business metrics.

Saves time

I know how important it is for a business to save as much time as possible, so I'll make sure the process is clear and simple for you. In addition, the booking system installed in WordPress helps you to quickly set up client appointments.

Ready in a week

As I focus only on personal brands and have developed an efficient process, I can promise quick results. All you have to do is provide the necessary input and review the final result. I dedicate myself to one client at a time!

Easy to manage

I use WordPress and Elementor to create my site, both of which are very user-friendly. In addition, Fathom Analytics makes it easy to track business results. Don't worry, you can also get my recorded video tutorials and ask for help if you need it!


Karolin Tsarski
Sexuality Coach

I am very grateful to have started working with Madis on both the website and social media marketing. Working with him is just great! The response time is like the speed of light, and she is always friendly and supportive to the occasional IT whim! He is a value in his own right, but what is especially invaluable is that he doesn’t just do the work he is asked to do, but also notices all the possible little details, technical nuances and gives additional recommendations on topics that you wouldn’t even notice yourself or wouldn’t have noticed because you don’t have the competence to think about such nuances. This is what makes working with Madis particularly valuable, something I have not encountered before with any IT partner who does the job in advance. Part of me is reluctant to recommend him because if everyone found such an IT gem, his workload would explode 🙂

Liis Salus
Nutrition Therapist

Businesses become serious when they have a proper website, in addition to accounts on social media platforms. A website is your business card, it’s your face, and it gives new customers the opportunity to get to know the right one at a leisurely pace.
There are lots of website designers out there, but you need to know the good, fast and reasonably priced ones – and that’s exactly what Madis offers.
The next step for a budding entrepreneur, apart from having a website, is setting up digital marketing, both SEO and Google Analytics. You need to be present in the virtual world and quickly find out how to grow your business without it. Passive sales in the form of digital marketing is a sight for sore eyes, as it signals progress and the right set-up.

Gerda Carina

Let me start by saying that without Madis, I wouldn’t have a beautiful and functional website, which allows my clients and students to see exactly what I do and to access me easily.

If I can’t come up with a solution on my own, Madis knows exactly what will work.
As a tech-savvy person, I am very grateful for such efficient and quick work.

I have referred all my acquaintances to Madis and everyone has been very happy so far!

Kadri Arula

My cooperation with Madis has been very pleasant and smooth – the necessary changes and updates are delivered to the website quickly, the solutions offered by Madis are tailored to my needs and often better than I could have hoped for. I trust Madis and do not even check the result of the work.

Heiki Tomson
Breathwork Therapist

I have been working with Madis for several years. Madis is a reliable partner. His words and deeds deliver. I like working with Madis because he is thorough in what he does and can see the deeper connections behind actions and words.

Annika Paas

Content Creator

Thank you very much for connecting us to create this page. Madis supported me on the technical side, encouraged me and kept the vision alive. Continuing to welcome me in everything and creating such a safe space to experience. At first as a coach, but above all as a friend. I fully recommend working with him.

Kristiina Laasi
Ceramics Instructor

Artjom Kostjuk
Sound Therapist, DJ


ICF Estonia
Board member Signe Tõnismäe

Madis has been an indispensable asset to our NGO. He’s an IT wizard who makes things that require more sophisticated skills and knowledge work with ease.

Working with Madis has been very pleasantly smooth and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an IT wizard to make their IT systems work better.

Editor-in-Chief Mariann Joonas

Madis has a very open mind and an open outlook. This doesn’t mean that he believes and accepts everything, but that he doesn’t give judgements and tries to approach the most diverse topics without prejudice. When he takes on something, he dives in with all his might – his in-depth knowledge and thoroughness are an asset in every area of life. Madis isn’t afraid to stick to his guns (even when outsiders doubt him) but he’s also not afraid to be wrong, which makes him a very honest and trustworthy team player. I think Madis can handle anything he decides to take on! PS. Respectful and genuinely interested in communicating with different people is definitely his trump card.

Clients in 30 Days

For start-up service providers
  • We'll identify your authentic niche, in line with your interests, strengths and target audience.
  • We'll create an irresistible offer that increases your confidence and is easy to say YES to
  • We'll find your first paying customers
  • Lasts 1 month or until you earn your money back. That's a guarantee!

A Website That Sells and Saves Time

For personal brands already in business
  • Website that builds trust and sets you apart in the eyes of your ideal customer
  • SEO - visibility on Google
  • Includes a newsletter integration, booking system, analytics and all plugin licenses
  • Ready in 1 week if you have given me the needed input