Mission To Walk Again And Inspire Millions

Friends, I’m on a powerful mission.

I intend to demonstrate to millions of people how powerful is a human body when your heart is filled with love and the burning passion of a thousand suns.

My mission is to experience true human potential and show that everything is possible. And the first milestone is rising on my feet without crutches in summer 2019.

The Decision Has Been Made

Anyone who has followed my journey knows that it’s not a new idea for me. I admit that I have repeatedly promised this to my friends and online buddies. That now is the time. And it is true that I have lost my focus many times.

But never because I have lost faith in this. As surprising as it can be, faith in my healing has grown with every year, even though it’s been over 17 years since my accident. One familiar clairvoyant saw me walking with a cane as a 24 year old, but the time passed without success.

When I was younger I did hope that the prediction was right, but nowadays I’m not dependent on these kind of prophecies anymore. Most of the doctors have never given me such hope, and it still doesn’t stop me because I’m the creator of my own reality, not anyone else.

I know what I see inside me, and this vision has shown me since I was a teenager that I would be running one day. It has also happened in the dreams of my friends, even though most of them have never seen me running as they didn’t know me as a kid.

My main obstacle only used to be the lack of making a real decision. I played with the idea for quite some time, but I didn’t have enough inner strength to take on the challenge, and I also had difficulties with self-management and maintaining focus.

Today I have plenty of power and wisdom to finally pull it off. First I had to become friends with my pain, discover the magical self-love and become aware of who I truly am. Then it took a few years to learn how to manage myself and figure out the daily patterns and habits.

Finally I understood the kind of triggers which empower me. Practical tools to make my dreams come true. The only thing that was missing, was a definite decision to burn all bridges and ships leading to the old world. And I’m very grateful for one special female friend who activated the switch.

My Biggest Why

Picking such a goal seems so obvious to most people that it doesn’t need explaining. Everybody dreams about a healthy functional body. And many of my fellow companions have thought the familiar thought: “If only I could walk … my life would be perfect.”

I really believe that if I had such an attitude, I would have never reached this far.

As a teenager I indeed believed that healthy legs would have solved all of my problems and stopped the nightmare in the blink of an eye. But the need to escape my reality was never strong enough to empower me. Instead it added fuel to my suffering.

Only when I discovered my true worth and learned to accept life as it is, I started to see the possibility of healing.

I think that one of my life’s greatest lessons has been connected to self-love. After it was achieved, I enthusiastically wanted to show the world that it is possible to be happy wherever and whoever you are. I believed it was my purpose.

But every journey comes to an end to give birth to a new one. I know that this is not all I can offer. And let’s be honest – it would probably be too easy.

My soul desires to break all mental limits and reach for the greatest potential. To experience a mission that seems impossible. A challenge that makes my body tremble with excitement.

There are plenty of inspiring people like Nick Vujicic and Sean Stephenson who have proved that the physical body is not an obstacle. I have seen repeatedly how people in the direst situations have the capability to be happier than most people with healthy bodies.

And this kind of inspirational life is undoubtedly a fantastic endeavour. I will definitely do this until my last breath because the core principle of my life is to be happy in the present moment. But I also want to add something especially thrilling and sweet!

What miracles can a happy person create? What is our true potential? These are the questions I would like to answer.

Some additional motives to walk again:

  1. I want to be a man who gives his best and exceeds himself in every way. A man who has a laser-focus and enormous dedication to work hard. This challenge gives me an opportunity to BE who I am, and EXPRESS what is inside me. So it is not about reaching the destination, but actually going on a powerful journey.
  2. I want to show the world how wonderful is a human being who has waken up. A large part of the mankind plays a small and irrelevant game of Matrix. It is sad how skilfully have humans managed to repress and diminish themselves. I wish to reveal the truth!
  3. I want to make my body happy and show gratitude for everything it has taught me. My body has been through A LOT. Now it is time to provide everything it has dreamed of. This is true respect and self-love.
  4. My transformation will have an enormous impact on the whole world. It will inspire millions of people to follow their wildest dreams. I also intend to give my best to support others with similar challenges on their way to health.
  5. I will do it … because I can.

So … if that’s clear, we can finally get down to business.

What Does It Take?

The main question is not about whether something is possible or not, but what kind of commitment, work and strategy it requires.

First of all it is clear that this is not a side project. To succeed I have to focus my whole attention and devote multiple hours a day to work with my body. But since I want to go all out I want to create a lifestyle that allows me to connect with my dream at every moment.

This means maximum time with myself. Empowering morning and evening rituals. The holistic system which supports the achievement of my goal, including financial freedom so I wouldn’t have to worry about resources. I obviously need to earn money at the same time, so I’m asking myself a question: “How to create financial abundance while making my dreams come true?”

The first thing that comes to mind is sharing the journey with the whole world – how have I reached the point where I am today and how will I reach the main goal. I believe it is a valuable contribution on its own. Financial success is largely dependent on how much value do we create. We must also apply smart strategies, but it begins with the desire to provide help.

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Creating value also requires enough timely investments but since it’s in alignment with my greatest values, I receive energy to empower the journey I’ve chosen. Some sort of passive income wouldn’t hurt either.

It is also important to ask: “What do I need to sacrifice?” All distractions and forms of procrastination for sure. These have always managed to halt my progress, but luckily I have made a lot of improvements. I also have to say NO more often, take some risks and trust in myself.

How Can You Support Me?

I have never been a strong fan of asking for donations because I like to take full responsibility for everything I do. But this is also a time for me to overcome this limitation and ask for help because I deserve it. So I’ll probably create a Kickstarter type of project and create value at the same time.

Some ways you can support me right now:

  • You can share any ideas or offerings how can you play a role in this mission. It can also include thoughts on healing, finances, marketing and self-development in general.
  • You can also share your needs and challenges that would give me input I can use to create new blog posts, e-books and products that can provide even more value.
  • If you are ambitious and you would like to find a working partner to achieve your dreams, you can become my coaching client.

Let’s work together and help each other realize our greatest potential! I’m very grateful for the attention and even a smallest kind of help.

The Dreamy Raw Vegan Cruise in Croatia

Have you ever heard about a luxury raw vegan cruise, where people are health-conscious, happy and supportive, chefs are serving unlimited amounts of delicious living food, lectures are filled with profound and simple truths, and where you can swim, sunbathe or explore the surrounding nature as much as you desire?

Usually these kind of adventures would only happen in my dreams, but in June 2017 destiny led me to experience it for real! I made huge leaps towards my health and happiness, overcame many of my fears connected to opening up and showing my physical body, and even experienced deep romantic love for the first time in my life! It was the most magical and awesome trip I’ve ever had and I’m happy to share it with you as well.

Manifestation of a free lottery ticket

I’ve been on a conscious health journey for over 4 years now, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to my body. When I discovered veganism and the power of living foods, I became free of most of my minor health problems like acne, excessive sweating, big skin rashes (was allergic to my sweat), frequent colds and feeling like crap, but I still haven’t overcome my gut inflammation (along with eczema), scoliosis and deeper neurological issues connected to my spinal injury.

I had felt stuck for a very long time, not knowing what to do next to heal my body. Taking your health into your own hands and doing experiments is not for the weak-minded, because the whole Matrix system is trying to suppress your innate power and most of the people are not really supportive of you doing something different than them. We have to be courageous and find the answers from within ourselves and that takes a lot of commitment.

Knowing that the power to change my life lies deep within me, I made a strong decision to finally move ahead, let go of the unneeded crap, and use my magnificent mind to call the universe to guide me towards the right path. After I felt that I had suffered enough, I had an intention that I will heal no matter what and there is nothing that could stop me.

On the 4th June I saw a dream where I found a magical device from the bottom of a lake. The screen showed a mathematical puzzle which needed the right number to be solved. A friend of mine (whose real birthday is on 4th April!) recommended me to use the number four and thanks to trusting him, I won over 400 000 euros. I felt extremely happy when I woke up and I knew that the dream had an important message, but I didn’t know what it was until an unbelievable surprise.

A couple of days after my birthday (I got 25 years old) I woke up in the morning with sleepy eyes and checked my e-mail. “Congratulations! You won the free ticket to our Raw Vegan Cruise in Croatia.” At first I couldn’t react at all because it seemed so random and unreal that I thought it was just a software bug or something. But when I went on Facebook to see people congratulating me, I slowly started to accept the truth and it felt AWESOME!

After thinking about it for a while, I realized the meaning behind the dream I had. It all started to make sense, even though it’s pretty crazy. The magical device came from the water (cruise) and all the numbers were connected. I heard that I had a 4th place in the lottery table and I realized that the cruise would begin on 24th June. I then bought my flight tickets and realized that the plane would took off on Thursday and come back to Estonia on 4th July (and I didn’t even pay attention to this at first, just chose the best price). And on top of that, my destiny number is also 4 (13.06.1992)! I haven’t usually been a huge numerology fan, but there is too much synchronicity to be just a coincidence.

Opening that leads to kindness wherever I go

Feeling gratitude and excitement with all my heart, I finally flew to Croatia two days sooner than the cruise would begin. A very kind and cheerful host came to pick me up from the airport and drove me to the hostel Marina in Trogir. I liked that everyone were positive and friendly wherever I went. Like attracts like, but I guess the sunny places have usually more happy people than in the north.

Oh how I enjoyed the abundance of sun and all the beautiful places near the coasts. I felt very happy and healthy even on the first day, because it was so warm and my body had been missing the sun for most of my life. It was even too hot for me, so I had to overcome one of my greatest limitations and fears which is revealing my deformed and skinny legs. I put on my short pants and just went outside to openly show my uniqueness to the world around me. What a discovery and transformation that was!

I got a confirmation that our confidence is not limited by how we look, but how bravely we show and open ourselves. I used to always have this weird anxiety going on when I moved around people, but when I revealed my legs and acted out of love instead of fear, I suddenly became very confident and connected to myself. I used to think that my legs were making me insecure, but it was actually the hiding that made me like this. When you become vulnerable and just accept yourself as you are instead of being afraid of other people’s reactions, you will feel good and powerful!

Just after a few minutes I attracted a beautiful and kind lady who started to have a conversation with me and it was very enlightening. She was more open than most people I am used to meet in Estonia, and that interaction taught me a lot about connection. Once again I felt certain that showing my true colors and opening myself to others makes life a really wonderful adventure!

Paradisiacal and mind-opening cruise

The raw vegan cruise was fantastic from the moment I got on the boat. I felt a very loving energy coming from all over the place and I was happy to know that I could eat as much raw food as I wanted. In Estonia I always had challenges with not getting enough calories, greens or ripe fruits, so this was a great freedom for me. I could basically order whatever I wanted on top of the regular delicious meals that were served, or have simpler food combinations for my digestion.

One of the best parts of the cruise was to connect with awakened people from all around the world. I was happy to practice my English speaking skills, broaden my worldview and have deep and healing connections that gave me a lot of inspiration to move forward in life and start creating more YouTube videos and blog articles to make a difference in the world. And I was also very glad to help other people in need: one sweet woman even told me that I helped her to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. This cruise was so amazing that it literally saved lives!

The beautiful Croatian islands and cities were also amazing sights to see. One of the coolest places was the National Park of Krka, where people were swimming near the waterfalls and everything was surrounded by the gorgeous greenery. I also liked the 230-foot-long sea organ in Zadar that turns the rhythms of the waves into actual music!

My favorite activity was swimming in the mineral-rich water which was very healing to my body and mind. I actually have a pretty deep bedsore on my buttocks at the moment so it was one of the most important things to help me recover. My body also lacks minerals and swimming is the best opportunity to absorb all the essential minerals through the skin. But the biggest transformation happened thanks to the courage to even go swimming, because one of my greatest fears has been showing my half-naked body to other people, and I managed to do that for the whole week! After a while it seemed so natural and easy that I didn’t even remember why I’d been so afraid all these years.

It truly was a paradise!

The magical eye connection and the best summer night of my life

And now comes the best part… even though it was already more than I could ever imagine. When we were eating lunch in the middle of the cruise I spontaneously started to look into the eyes of one lovely German girl called Natascha. At first it was just an exercise for opening the heart and learning to connect, which was sometimes a bit uncomfortable and sometimes so funny that it was hard to stop laughing, but the more we did it the deeper it became.

Later she told me that I hadn’t been actually her type, but when she was looking into my eyes, she just felt this powerful and deep love between us that she forgot all of her previous thoughts and limitations. We touched our souls in such an amazing way that we couldn’t stop gazing and hugging for almost an hour. Time stopped completely and the thoughts of other people in the room didn’t matter anymore. It was like pure ecstasy in my body, but better than any psychoactive drug is capable of doing. The energies were flowing so intensely that even others felt the whole room vibrating and getting filled with love and happiness. I just don’t have enough words for it…

It was the final day of the cruise. We decided to have a talent show for the evening so that everybody could open their hearts and say or do whatever their souls wished. I went all out and performed four songs in different languages and showed everyone who I truly am inside. I also talked about my challenges and goals, which was full of courage and inspiration, and I was very happy to see that I could touch other people’s hearts so strongly. Finally I felt that my mission on the boat was accomplished! It was also wonderful to see everyone acting like a true family and showing their feelings about the whole journey, being filled with hope and positive energy for the challenging times to come.

After everybody went to sleep and prepare for the departure in the morning, I patiently waited for Natascha to come upstairs and continue our lovely connection. The stairs reminded me of a scene in Titanic where Jack takes the hand of Rose and kisses it, so I wanted to do exactly the same thing. And for some reason we also decided to go to the front of the deck and lay down on the couch, looking at the stars above us. It was unbelievable how romantic and magical it turned out to be!

We were looking into each other’s eyes again, even more beautifully than the previous times, and we slowly started to get closer and closer. At first I hesitated to kiss her, because a part of me had a challenging time to accept and receive all this deep love I’d never experienced before, and I told her it was like jumping into the water, but when she said “Fuck fear!”, I got so much powerful energy that I finally jumped without any second thoughts.

Oh what a night that was! A night without any sleep, just pure magic. Actually our bodies wanted to sleep, but the connection felt so amazing that we didn’t want to close our eyes. And it was also our final day together on the cruise, so we really cherished every moment of it.

It still feels like a dream, but I’m extremely happy to know that it was all real and my life has really changed! That had been one of my biggest dreams and it’s so incredible how it came alive. I had never experienced anything like that before the cruise and I had actually been happy to accept that this would never happen in this lifetime (although I knew it would), because I love my life so much that I can appreciate whatever I have in this moment! And I’m so grateful that it actually took so long, because I can really feel what it’s truly worth – every connection with a woman is a priceless gift from the universe.

Determined to heal and run

When I came back home to see my family, I was so full of energy that I hadn’t smiled and talked so much to them in a long time! Connecting with my family and opening myself has been one of the biggest challenges in life, but this time it was simple as walking in the park! It’s fantastic how a few days can change a man completely. Getting on that cruise ship was the most magnificent gift I’ve ever had and it really transformed my life!

I’m more determined than ever before to heal myself and eventually run a marathon. Everything I need is within me, getting ready to explode. I will rise up and become a legend, starting with this blog post and many videos to come!

Check out the dreamy raw vegan cruise here: http://thewholelifestyle.com/raw-vegan-cruise/