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Friends, I’m on a powerful mission.

I intend to demonstrate to millions of people how powerful is a human body when your heart is filled with love and the burning passion of a thousand suns.

My mission is to experience true human potential and show that everything is possible. And the first milestone is rising on my feet without crutches in summer 2019.

The Decision Has Been Made

Anyone who has followed my journey knows that it’s not a new idea for me. I admit that I have repeatedly promised this to my friends and online buddies. That now is the time. And it is true that I have lost my focus many times.

But never because I have lost faith in this. As surprising as it can be, faith in my healing has grown with every year, even though it’s been over 17 years since my accident. One familiar clairvoyant saw me walking with a cane as a 24 year old, but the time passed without success.

When I was younger I did hope that the prediction was right, but nowadays I’m not dependent on these kind of prophecies anymore. Most of the doctors have never given me such hope, and it still doesn’t stop me because I’m the creator of my own reality, not anyone else.

I know what I see inside me, and this vision has shown me since I was a teenager that I would be running one day. It has also happened in the dreams of my friends, even though most of them have never seen me running as they didn’t know me as a kid.

My main obstacle only used to be the lack of making a real decision. I played with the idea for quite some time, but I didn’t have enough inner strength to take on the challenge, and I also had difficulties with self-management and maintaining focus.

Today I have plenty of power and wisdom to finally pull it off. First I had to become friends with my pain, discover the magical self-love and become aware of who I truly am. Then it took a few years to learn how to manage myself and figure out the daily patterns and habits.

Finally I understood the kind of triggers which empower me. Practical tools to make my dreams come true. The only thing that was missing, was a definite decision to burn all bridges and ships leading to the old world. And I’m very grateful for one special female friend who activated the switch.

My Biggest Why

Picking such a goal seems so obvious to most people that it doesn’t need explaining. Everybody dreams about a healthy functional body. And many of my fellow companions have thought the familiar thought: “If only I could walk … my life would be perfect.”

I really believe that if I had such an attitude, I would have never reached this far.

As a teenager I indeed believed that healthy legs would have solved all of my problems and stopped the nightmare in the blink of an eye. But the need to escape my reality was never strong enough to empower me. Instead it added fuel to my suffering.

Only when I discovered my true worth and learned to accept life as it is, I started to see the possibility of healing.

I think that one of my life’s greatest lessons has been connected to self-love. After it was achieved, I enthusiastically wanted to show the world that it is possible to be happy wherever and whoever you are. I believed it was my purpose.

But every journey comes to an end to give birth to a new one. I know that this is not all I can offer. And let’s be honest – it would probably be too easy.

My soul desires to break all mental limits and reach for the greatest potential. To experience a mission that seems impossible. A challenge that makes my body tremble with excitement.

There are plenty of inspiring people like Nick Vujicic and Sean Stephenson who have proved that the physical body is not an obstacle. I have seen repeatedly how people in the direst situations have the capability to be happier than most people with healthy bodies.

And this kind of inspirational life is undoubtedly a fantastic endeavour. I will definitely do this until my last breath because the core principle of my life is to be happy in the present moment. But I also want to add something especially thrilling and sweet!

What miracles can a happy person create? What is our true potential? These are the questions I would like to answer.

Some additional motives to walk again:

  1. I want to be a man who gives his best and exceeds himself in every way. A man who has a laser-focus and enormous dedication to work hard. This challenge gives me an opportunity to BE who I am, and EXPRESS what is inside me. So it is not about reaching the destination, but actually going on a powerful journey.
  2. I want to show the world how wonderful is a human being who has waken up. A large part of the mankind plays a small and irrelevant game of Matrix. It is sad how skilfully have humans managed to repress and diminish themselves. I wish to reveal the truth!
  3. I want to make my body happy and show gratitude for everything it has taught me. My body has been through A LOT. Now it is time to provide everything it has dreamed of. This is true respect and self-love.
  4. My transformation will have an enormous impact on the whole world. It will inspire millions of people to follow their wildest dreams. I also intend to give my best to support others with similar challenges on their way to health.
  5. I will do it … because I can.

So … if that’s clear, we can finally get down to business.

What Does It Take?

The main question is not about whether something is possible or not, but what kind of commitment, work and strategy it requires.

First of all it is clear that this is not a side project. To succeed I have to focus my whole attention and devote multiple hours a day to work with my body. But since I want to go all out I want to create a lifestyle that allows me to connect with my dream at every moment.

This means maximum time with myself. Empowering morning and evening rituals. The holistic system which supports the achievement of my goal, including financial freedom so I wouldn’t have to worry about resources. I obviously need to earn money at the same time, so I’m asking myself a question: “How to create financial abundance while making my dreams come true?”

The first thing that comes to mind is sharing the journey with the whole world – how have I reached the point where I am today and how will I reach the main goal. I believe it is a valuable contribution on its own. Financial success is largely dependent on how much value do we create. We must also apply smart strategies, but it begins with the desire to provide help.

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Creating value also requires enough timely investments but since it’s in alignment with my greatest values, I receive energy to empower the journey I’ve chosen. Some sort of passive income wouldn’t hurt either.

It is also important to ask: “What do I need to sacrifice?” All distractions and forms of procrastination for sure. These have always managed to halt my progress, but luckily I have made a lot of improvements. I also have to say NO more often, take some risks and trust in myself.

How Can You Support Me?

I have never been a strong fan of asking for donations because I like to take full responsibility for everything I do. But this is also a time for me to overcome this limitation and ask for help because I deserve it. So I’ll probably create a Kickstarter type of project and create value at the same time.

Some ways you can support me right now:

  • You can share any ideas or offerings how can you play a role in this mission. It can also include thoughts on healing, finances, marketing and self-development in general.
  • You can also share your needs and challenges that would give me input I can use to create new blog posts, e-books and products that can provide even more value.
  • If you are ambitious and you would like to find a working partner to achieve your dreams, you can become my coaching client.

Let’s work together and help each other realize our greatest potential! I’m very grateful for the attention and even a smallest kind of help.



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