If you know my story, how a miserable and depressive wheelchair-bound boy became a powerful creator who loves life and believes that everything is possible, you have hopefully more faith in the reality where anyone can be happy and successful.

That really is one of my greatest messages to the world – YES, we have the ability to change and make our dreams come true.

That’s why I have chosen the mission to be a great solution-focused coach, so I can be connected to peoples’ unique challenges and support them personally on their journeys.

Coaching To Support Your Dream Life

Compared to therapy, coaching focuses more on the present and the future, and allows you to realize important practical changes and goals.

It is essential to let go of the burden of the past, but a question eventually rises: “What happens next? What do I do with my life?” That’s where coaching comes in. Everyone of us has an unique mission that is waiting for discovery and actualization!

Coaching can help you in:

  • Getting better clarity about your life and where you are heading towards
  • Rediscovering the passion and motivation to move forward
  • Changing your habits and taking courageous next steps
  • Having the right accountability partner to keep you on track
  • Making your wildest dreams come true

Some goal examples we can work on:

  • Find a purpose and make money doing what you really love
  • Upgrade your health and make a physical transformation
  • Become more confident and attract harmonious relationships
  • Build powerful routines and habits so you can focus on what’s important
  • Reduce stress and tackle your challenges with peace of mind and happiness

We work well together if you are:

  • An ambitious human being who likes to dream
  • Passionate about making a difference in the world and contributing to society
  • Motivated to take action and move forward
  • Interested in similar goals related to self-development as me
  • Open to new perspectives and growth

I can offer you coaching sessions only through Skype, unless you come to Estonia. Feel free to contact me!

The first discovery session is free and helps to find out if we are a good match. All coaching packages have a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service.

I have completed the Erickson Coaching International’s program called “The Art & Science of Coaching” which is accredited by ICF. I have also studied psychotherapy for 2 years in Holistic Therapy Institute in Estonia.