Hi, this is Madis.

I used to be an insecure and bullied boy in a wheelchair, glued to a computer screen and wishing to end my life that seemingly had no future.

Fortunately, I didn’t give up in my darkest moments. I discovered my true self, unbound by physical appearances, and embraced my life which ultimately enabled me to walk with crutches, become a singer, write a book, experience romance and find a purpose. After a decade of trial and error, I also managed to overcome my digital addiction.

I’m now a coach who helps digital consumers stop procrastination and become the creator of their lives.



I know what it’s like to waste precious time and opportunities to make an impact because I suffered from major procrastination and digital addiction even when I had found my calling and really wanted to help.

I also understand what it’s like to think about work 24/7 and burn out by saying yes to every client, not really doing high-leverage work that moves the right needles. 

So if you also want to overcome distractions and move towards your major goals as fast as possible, send me a message.


If my story inspires you and you want to share it with your audience, I will gladly come on your podcast or speak at your event. 

I have mostly shared my story with young students at schools to inspire them to never give up, but I have also shared my insights and strategies to overcome digital addiction. 

My mission in life is to make a difference in as many peoples’ lives as possible, so I would be grateful for any opportunities!


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