My Experiences As A Child Who Was Addicted To Video Games

Addiction to video games and technology is a very common problem we face in our modern society. There are millions of children who suffer from it every day, being unable to control their behaviour.

It might not affect the body like alcohol and drugs do, but it can still have major consequences on the addict’s life. These are mostly connected to poor grades and a lack of educational development, but also disconnection with friends and family, health problems, financial issues and depression.

It’s clear that something has to be done by the parents because children and teenagers haven’t got enough self-discipline or awareness to make conscious decisions. But I can’t agree with the recommendation that the access to video games and internet should be taken away by force.

Every situation is unique, but there are always hidden causes of addiction that may not be seen by parents. If something is out of balance and children cannot cope with the absence of technology, it means there is a strong need that is unfulfilled and playing a video game might be the only way that satisfies that need.

I understand how difficult can the situation be for parents who just want the best for their kids. But I also understand how it’s like to be a child who suffers from computer addiction, because I went through it myself. That’s the perspective I want to share with you as well.

The Accident And Bullying At School

I was 9 years old when a concrete block fell on my back at an old and unguarded construction site where we used to play as kids. I lost the ability to walk along with my whole identity and self-worth because my legs helped me express myself in unlimited ways and blend in at school.

In addition to the painful loss, I experienced a lot of bullying at school where I felt like a piece of shit. It was like a jungle where the strong preyed on the weak. Most classmates ignored me. Some of them were abusive and got a high from the bullying, especially if they shared this pleasure with others.

I couldn’t even look into one of my classmate’s eyes because he felt intimidated by the fact that someone like me was looking into his eyes. He stared at me with hate, ordering me to look away even though we didn’t have any personal issues. He just wanted to avoid any signs of friendship with me.

One of the boys even laughed at my atrophied legs and told me: “Serves you right!” Again, a tough blow to my self-esteem which was already quite non-existent. Instead of fighting back, I just took it in like I had deserved it.

Countless times I was afraid of going to school. But I didn’t talk about these problems … even with my family. I didn’t want to be a snitch, and believed it would have only made the situation worse. I wished for respect and acceptance, that’s why I was afraid to lose it.

The Only Place Where I Felt Safe

When I got home, I finally had the chance to escape from my reality. I played computer games because it was a place I could feel FREE. I could BE MYSELF and feel EQUAL TO OTHERS. I even used to be a clan leader in many games because I had the confidence. Just like in the old days.

In the virtual world I had the opportunity to be a completely different person. Be whoever I wanted actually. While I was nobody in my real life. There are many other reasons why video games are so attractive, but this was the root cause.

My mother didn’t like that. She wanted me to do exercises and take care of myself. I’m grateful that she forced me to move because otherwise I would’ve probably withered away completely. I felt a lot of resistance though. It was hard.

She felt that my computer addiction was destroying my life, so she tried different methods to stop it. Shouted at me. Threatened me to send me to a boarding school. Pulled the plug by force and banned me from using it. I understand why she did these things, but it added fuel to the fire.

The virtual world was my whole life. I felt safe and joyful there. If this was taken away from me, I felt panic and fear. Sometimes I hated my mother for it. Anger and resistance grew inside me. The relationship got damaged, and even years later I’ve gone to therapy to heal the wound.

Guilt And Sadness Under The Frustration

I was also angry at the fact that I couldn’t be independent. She came to pick me up from school, and it embarrassed me because I was old enough to be interested in girls. I didn’t like to be seen with my mother. I understood that it was needed, but I couldn’t accept it.

I was frustrated. I didn’t have the mood to talk to her while we were driving home. This hurt her really bad, and sometimes became angry or started to cry. I felt guilty because I felt I was the reason that she had so much pain in her life. She basically raised me alone…

When I tried to express my feelings, it easily led to more conflict and pain. That’s why I decided to repress my emotions and ignore her. Only when I arrived home and shut myself into my room, I could let all the emotions out and think to myself: “Forgive me, mother! I’m sorry that I am like this. I just can’t control myself. I don’t know what to do. Please forgive me.”

Deep Loneliness That Almost Killed Me

So I hated to be at school. I hated my whole life, including myself. And my mother didn’t want me to play computer games. Of course she couldn’t force me all the time, so I still played a lot. At one point she even gave up, but the damage was already done.

I was a very traumatized boy who felt alone. No one knew what I was going through. I felt like a burden to my family, thinking that I should have died when the concrete block crushed me. I felt like there was no meaning to my life.

Of course I hated the fact that I couldn’t walk. That I was different from everyone else. But most of all I suffered from loneliness and disconnection. It can be very painful if you cannot even talk to your family while dealing with such a great loss.

I tried to kill myself many times, but luckily I didn’t. I saved myself. My mother couldn’t. She gave up on me and one day I finally came out of it myself. I went through plenty of suffering on the way, but it happened.

A Turning Point

Suffering was actually an important part of my transformation. A lot of people have waken up and discovered their true selves through the experience of pain. Because at one point it’s so painful that you just have to change. If I couldn’t die, I needed to wake up and start living instead. There was no other way.

It is a long story. But today I’m one of the happiest people on the planet. I know that everything can be healed. Everything is possible!

I only wish that things would be easier for others. For the children and for the parents. That’s why I want to share my story with as many people as I can.

The truth is that people always have the best intentions in their heart and do the best they can with the resources they have. There is no need to blame anyone. Me and my mother were both victims of the unfortunate situation. But we can learn a lot from it.

What I really want to say is that we must go deeper to find the hidden causes of our problems. We need to pay attention to our loved ones and try to understand what they are going through. We need to connect rather than fight and separate.

Every addiction is a sign that a need of some kind is unmet. We give our best to fulfill these needs because we want to feel good and do what’s best for us. If we keep that in mind, we can forgive and move forward.

I know my mother loved me and did everything she could, although it was difficult to really understand her point of view while dealing with my emotions at the same time.

So things are not always what they seem. We actually care more than we express. Know that deep down your children are grateful for everything you do for them!

A Quick Way To Achieve Clarity When You Are Distracted

Do you notice that you are constantly saying YES to the stuff around you? Are you so overwhelmed with countless distractions and things to do that you just cannot focus on what really matters?

And maybe all of these things seem useful and needed at first, but in the end of the day you feel like you haven’t reached anywhere?

When we stay stuck in our minds and go along with every temptation coming our way, we waste valuable time on meaningless things.

This can cause confusion, feelings of emptiness and apathy, sadness, tension in the head area, and disconnection with our body and soul. We hustle and hustle, but none of it seems important.

I have experienced this countless times, so I understand how difficult and exhausting can life feel at that moment. But there is a quick and effective way how to achieve clarity and peace of mind RIGHT NOW.

Change Your Environment

One of the easiest first steps is to move away from your current place. Shut off all that is unnecessary (computer, smartphone or TV for example) and MOVE!

For the clarity to arrive, first you need SILENCE and SPACE. Time to be with YOURSELF. I know it is tough to let go of the initial resistance, but there really is no other way. We can’t quiet our minds when we are constantly hustling or consuming more information.

It is tempting to continue and keep trying to do the 80% of things that only bring you 20% of results, so you may need to experience some pain and tension before you finally decide to stop. But if you are mindful of your body, you can notice the signals much earlier.

If there is some sort of tension inside you … or you feel that something is slightly off, just stop your activities and breathe consciously for a moment. This can reduce the pulling power of your monkey mind and bring you clarity about whether your activities are important or not.

Once you are sure that you are not making any progress, move at once. Sometimes before we can say an effective YES, we have to say NO and let go first.

Breathe deeply in and out, notice the air coming in through your nose and take the time to cleanse yourself. Let the thoughts, tensions and anxiety go. Do whatever you need to relax yourself.

A shift in our state of consciousness needs to take place before the right answers or activities. The creativity and inspiration can only flow when the mind is relaxed. This must be your primary focus.

“This is a temporary state of consciousness that I can change at any moment to create a new experience.”

Ask The Right Questions

When you are finally relaxed and free from the shackles, you can start asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

Our inner genius can’t play effectively when we are in a state of stress. Allow the silence to arrive and only then start looking for a strategy or solution.

One of the best questions to ask at this point is: “What is truly important in this moment? What is my next important step that matters?” I believe that if you get a chance to really listen to yourself, the right question will naturally reveal itself.

A quick tip: the answer is SIMPLE. When you are in the right state of mind, you will receive the right simple answer.

For additional ideas and insights, read Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Reality or 10 Tips To Calm The Mind.

If you got any questions, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I’ll help you in any way I can.

How To Be Happy While Making Your Dreams Come True?

In my previous article “How To Be Happy Despite Pain And Hardships?” I explained what is true happiness according to my experience.

We can achieve anything we desire, yet still feel empty because happiness can only come from within. It can only be expressed when you let go of control and accept life exactly as it reveals itself in this moment.

It is not easy to do this. That’s why most people must suffer in great amounts before the mind can finally surrender and let go of trying to control everything. Although the mind can be so stubborn that a person suffers for the rest of his or her life, suffering is still one of the most effective ways to wake up.

To let go of control means basically to die before your physical death, but because it is the only option remaining at a critical point of one’s life, the courage can be found to face the death of the ego. But instead of dying, we enter the state of abundance and bliss. That’s when we discover our true self.

Part II: Creation

When we accept life as it is and discover who we really are, we realize that there is no need to do anything. We already have enough. We are already fulfilled. Everything is as it is, and it’s okay.

But we always have a choice and responsibility. We are the creators of our own reality. We can choose where we direct our attention, what we focus on. What kind of meaning do we give to our experiences. Which questions to ask and what kind of answers do we receive in return.

You don’t have to do anything. There might be no point in anything, at least in an ordinary sense. The world continues to exist without us – there is nothing to save and nothing we absolutely must do.

We are the ones who create a purpose for ourselves. A meaning to our existence. We choose the experience we want to have.

But if we come from a place of happiness and peace, everything we do is an authentic expression of ourselves. Inspiration that is born from emptiness. That is the solution to lose the desperate need to achieve something. That’s how we can do great things without the fear of failing. Experience happiness while making our dreams come true.

It doesn’t mean we have to eliminate our fantasies. I love the quote from The Way of the Peaceful Warrior where Socrates said: “A warrior does not give up what he loves. He finds the love in what he does.”

The truth is that you can also be happy among the stars. You can be enlightened without ever being born on this Earth. But the fact is you are here. So what are you going to do about it?

I like to believe that everything has a purpose. But at the same time there doesn’t have to be a purpose. You can make your own choice about how you are going to live this life. Will it still be your destiny in the end? Perhaps… But it is still your choice. So it doesn’t matter.

If there is no need to do anything and if you are beautiful exactly as you are, what are you naturally inspired to do? If you can answer this question, you have found your life purpose.

Beliefs And Programs That Serve Us

I like to think that there is no right or wrong. Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true.

So the real question is: What kind of beliefs are going to serve you?

A conscious person does not install programs on his computer that are not useful to him. That’s why waking up and being mindful always involves the update of your entire system.

If you become aware of any limitation, you will immediately change it. A limiting belief can only exist if you lack the awareness to see what it is. When you see unlimited possibilities, you only choose what’s best for you.

A happy person changes the circumstances of life to suit her preferences, or assigns a positive meaning to her experiences if there is something that cannot be controlled.

That doesn’t mean she is ignorant and blind. She just makes a conscious choice. If something is serving you, what’s the problem around that? Even if it was supposedly untrue? If the results are something you are pleased with, well done!

This kind of mindset helps to turn our weaknesses into strengths. That’s how a traumatic accident can become a gift to the whole world. That’s why experiencing pain can be a very beautiful thing.

It is good to come back to neutrality and objective observing from time to time, and notice all possibilities. To understand that everything is as it is without giving any meaning to it. But in a practical way it is still useful to be positive about some things.

I’m grateful for my accident because it helped me to become the person I am today. It really made my life interesting. It gave me a purpose. Ways to make a difference in this world. And it is true, isn’t it?

Whatever we believe in becomes our truth. So make your beliefs count!

The Trap of Spirituality

I have seen a lot of spiritual people who try to become so enlightened that they start eliminating all their earthly desires. They get stuck in a thought that they must be no one. And there is no point in anything. Just meditate and be happy, right?

Well, whatever someone prefers, but I would like to share a story of mine about a time when I struggled with this dilemma.

I was an exchange student living in Portugal. At one point I got stuck in my old habits of watching TV series or playing computer games.

I felt like shit. I really wanted to do something about it, but my mind was clever and told me to accept everything as it was. Somehow taking action to improve your life had become bad because a spiritual teacher on YouTube was talking about making peace with any situation.

I expressed this in one of my articles called Prison Break. My mind was clearly controlling me using the spiritual teachings, because well… the mind is clever and knows ways to create resistance, but I managed to return to my senses.

It’s not about the right teachings, words or actions. It’s about the energy behind everything you say or do. When you listen to your heart, you get access to a much more powerful source of wisdom than any teaching out there. Like they say … one can point to the right direction, but never show you the real truth unless you experience it for yourself.

Even Eckhart Tolle has explained that if you get your foot stuck in the mud, you don’t just sit there and do nothing because that’s somehow spiritual. You take action to get unstuck because that is a preferable and completely rational thing to do.

Have balance in everything and never believe any of your thoughts too much despite their appearance!

The Journey Brings Us Happiness

Even when happiness is accessible in every situation and not dependent on the external circumstances, it is still true that we are alive and like to express ourselves in fulfilling ways.

I believe that happiness is also about growth and learning. Challenges and excitement. To enjoy a life of meaning and movement.

Happiness is ultimately living and being connected to the world around us. Playing with the surroundings and our bodies as we did when we were children. It is a spontaneous flowing that comes from the heart.

A tree doesn’t grow to be happy. It just grows. A cat doesn’t run and play like crazy to achieve something. It simply lives. Life is meant to be ever-changing and developing. It is natural to feel motivation to move, explore and learn about the world.

It is about a joyful journey that is born from pure inspiration and a desire to express. And that’s what happiness is really about. It is not our dreams that make us happy. It is the happiness which drives us to fulfill our dreams!

Dreams are powerful. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I have powerful visions I want to move towards because they make me come alive. The process of achieving my goals makes me the person I really want to be. It’s how I want to express what is inside me. And that’s how I can also let go of the outcome since I know the real secret of happiness.

In the future I will go into more practical ways to maintain the state of happiness on a daily basis, but first I wanted to explain the mindset around it.

Awareness + Love + Authentic Expression = Realizing Your Greatest Potential

Make peace with your deepest pain, discover who you really are and what you are naturally inspired to do, and make yourself a legend!

Mission To Walk Again And Inspire Millions

Friends, I’m on a powerful mission.

I intend to demonstrate to millions of people how powerful is a human body when your heart is filled with love and the burning passion of a thousand suns.

My mission is to experience true human potential and show that everything is possible. And the first milestone is rising on my feet without crutches in summer 2019.

The Decision Has Been Made

Anyone who has followed my journey knows that it’s not a new idea for me. I admit that I have repeatedly promised this to my friends and online buddies. That now is the time. And it is true that I have lost my focus many times.

But never because I have lost faith in this. As surprising as it can be, faith in my healing has grown with every year, even though it’s been over 17 years since my accident. One familiar clairvoyant saw me walking with a cane as a 24 year old, but the time passed without success.

When I was younger I did hope that the prediction was right, but nowadays I’m not dependent on these kind of prophecies anymore. Most of the doctors have never given me such hope, and it still doesn’t stop me because I’m the creator of my own reality, not anyone else.

I know what I see inside me, and this vision has shown me since I was a teenager that I would be running one day. It has also happened in the dreams of my friends, even though most of them have never seen me running as they didn’t know me as a kid.

My main obstacle only used to be the lack of making a real decision. I played with the idea for quite some time, but I didn’t have enough inner strength to take on the challenge, and I also had difficulties with self-management and maintaining focus.

Today I have plenty of power and wisdom to finally pull it off. First I had to become friends with my pain, discover the magical self-love and become aware of who I truly am. Then it took a few years to learn how to manage myself and figure out the daily patterns and habits.

Finally I understood the kind of triggers which empower me. Practical tools to make my dreams come true. The only thing that was missing, was a definite decision to burn all bridges and ships leading to the old world. And I’m very grateful for one special female friend who activated the switch.

My Biggest Why

Picking such a goal seems so obvious to most people that it doesn’t need explaining. Everybody dreams about a healthy functional body. And many of my fellow companions have thought the familiar thought: “If only I could walk … my life would be perfect.”

I really believe that if I had such an attitude, I would have never reached this far.

As a teenager I indeed believed that healthy legs would have solved all of my problems and stopped the nightmare in the blink of an eye. But the need to escape my reality was never strong enough to empower me. Instead it added fuel to my suffering.

Only when I discovered my true worth and learned to accept life as it is, I started to see the possibility of healing.

I think that one of my life’s greatest lessons has been connected to self-love. After it was achieved, I enthusiastically wanted to show the world that it is possible to be happy wherever and whoever you are. I believed it was my purpose.

But every journey comes to an end to give birth to a new one. I know that this is not all I can offer. And let’s be honest – it would probably be too easy.

My soul desires to break all mental limits and reach for the greatest potential. To experience a mission that seems impossible. A challenge that makes my body tremble with excitement.

There are plenty of inspiring people like Nick Vujicic and Sean Stephenson who have proved that the physical body is not an obstacle. I have seen repeatedly how people in the direst situations have the capability to be happier than most people with healthy bodies.

And this kind of inspirational life is undoubtedly a fantastic endeavour. I will definitely do this until my last breath because the core principle of my life is to be happy in the present moment. But I also want to add something especially thrilling and sweet!

What miracles can a happy person create? What is our true potential? These are the questions I would like to answer.

Some additional motives to walk again:

  1. I want to be a man who gives his best and exceeds himself in every way. A man who has a laser-focus and enormous dedication to work hard. This challenge gives me an opportunity to BE who I am, and EXPRESS what is inside me. So it is not about reaching the destination, but actually going on a powerful journey.
  2. I want to show the world how wonderful is a human being who has waken up. A large part of the mankind plays a small and irrelevant game of Matrix. It is sad how skilfully have humans managed to repress and diminish themselves. I wish to reveal the truth!
  3. I want to make my body happy and show gratitude for everything it has taught me. My body has been through A LOT. Now it is time to provide everything it has dreamed of. This is true respect and self-love.
  4. My transformation will have an enormous impact on the whole world. It will inspire millions of people to follow their wildest dreams. I also intend to give my best to support others with similar challenges on their way to health.
  5. I will do it … because I can.

So … if that’s clear, we can finally get down to business.

What Does It Take?

The main question is not about whether something is possible or not, but what kind of commitment, work and strategy it requires.

First of all it is clear that this is not a side project. To succeed I have to focus my whole attention and devote multiple hours a day to work with my body. But since I want to go all out I want to create a lifestyle that allows me to connect with my dream at every moment.

This means maximum time with myself. Empowering morning and evening rituals. The holistic system which supports the achievement of my goal, including financial freedom so I wouldn’t have to worry about resources. I obviously need to earn money at the same time, so I’m asking myself a question: “How to create financial abundance while making my dreams come true?”

The first thing that comes to mind is sharing the journey with the whole world – how have I reached the point where I am today and how will I reach the main goal. I believe it is a valuable contribution on its own. Financial success is largely dependent on how much value do we create. We must also apply smart strategies, but it begins with the desire to provide help.

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Creating value also requires enough timely investments but since it’s in alignment with my greatest values, I receive energy to empower the journey I’ve chosen. Some sort of passive income wouldn’t hurt either.

It is also important to ask: “What do I need to sacrifice?” All distractions and forms of procrastination for sure. These have always managed to halt my progress, but luckily I have made a lot of improvements. I also have to say NO more often, take some risks and trust in myself.

How Can You Support Me?

I have never been a strong fan of asking for donations because I like to take full responsibility for everything I do. But this is also a time for me to overcome this limitation and ask for help because I deserve it. So I’ll probably create a Kickstarter type of project and create value at the same time.

Some ways you can support me right now:

  • You can share any ideas or offerings how can you play a role in this mission. It can also include thoughts on healing, finances, marketing and self-development in general.
  • You can also share your needs and challenges that would give me input I can use to create new blog posts, e-books and products that can provide even more value.
  • If you are ambitious and you would like to find a working partner to achieve your dreams, you can become my coaching client.

Let’s work together and help each other realize our greatest potential! I’m very grateful for the attention and even a smallest kind of help.

My Top Achievements Living With A Disability

So you are reading some of my blog posts and are wondering … what exactly are my qualifications to be trustworthy in the self-development field?

Well I’m still learning like all of us, but I have a powerful life story which could make a strong impact on my readers. My professional career has a lot of room for improvement, but I make up for it with my personality and a powerful vision for life.

Here are the top achievements of my personal life, so you can decide for yourself if you are interested in what I have to say:

  • Survived an apartment fire as a four year old and a concrete block falling on my back at a construction site used for playing when I was nine. I lost the ability to walk, but it was a miracle that I even survived.
  • Went through fire and water, experiencing a lot of suffering which lead me to value something very different in life compared to the other kids. It taught me strength. After many years I finally overcame depression and suicidal thoughts through compassion and self-forgiveness.
  • Took responsibility for my life and decided to never give up. Soon I discovered true self-love and learned to appreciate myself as I am. Sometimes I felt painful in public and when comparing myself to other people, but I gradually started to realize that I gained something much more precious than the superficial stuff everyone else had.
  • Started to believe that my accident was a gift to the whole world and I wouldn’t change a thing if I could travel back in time. Yes, I want to help others so that they wouldn’t need to experience so much pain as I did, but making peace with your past is very healing. What’s done is done. Take the best out of it and move forward.
  • Got a driving license and started to live independently in another city called Tallinn. This increased my self-confidence a lot. I managed to meet more people in three months than in all the previous years combined. Then I also graduated from Estonian Information Technology College as a IT Systems Administrator, although I knew it wasn’t my true path.
  • Discovered my true self and stopped identifying with my thoughts. Is there anything more important than this? I got a lot of help from the movie called Peaceful Warrior and The Power of Now written by Eckhart Tolle. I remember a moment when everything shifted – I literally woke up.
  • Became a vegan and tried to eat a raw food diet for over 3 years. This solved many of my health problems, but also made some things more complicated than ever because I made many mistakes. Still feel best without animal products, but I’m more flexible now. At the moment I’m in the process of healing my digestive system and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help my body. I’m mostly grateful for the mind expansion I went through during all those years. Now I’m open to all possibilities and can accept anyone’s nutrition choices.
  • Lived five months in Portugal as an exchange student using my wheelchair. I got some help with transportation from time to time, but mostly I managed everything by myself. I even tried surfing which was totally awesome! Nothing is impossible, right?
  • Participated in a TV show about hiking with disabilities where we travelled 350 kilometres in Estonia by foot (or wheelchairs), bicycles, canoes, kayaks and horses. It was extremely challenging to struggle physically every single day while in front of the camera and dealing with other inner demons. Sometimes I felt totally helpless in a forest full of fallen down trees with my wet clothes and aching muscles, but it truly taught me a new kind of resilience. The lesson was simple: there are no limits to what we can do.
  • Got up and started to walk with crutches. I had this ability for a long time already, but I was living in my comfort zone, believing it was too unpractical and difficult. Then I finally decided to try and go to work only using my car and crutches. I began small, but eventually I managed to keep living like this most of the time, except when shopping in large supermarkets.
  • Joined a choir, became a public singer (soloist) and overcame the fear of being in the centre of attention. The first times were terrifying, but after a while I felt sure that I was born to be on stage. Singing has been one of the top ways for me to face my fears and increase self-confidence. And I think my voice sounds even fantastic now! I can’t imagine my life without singing anymore. Additionally I had violin lessons for 3 years until I took a break.
  • Participated in many tantric festivals and workshops as the only person with disability to overcome fears of intimacy and learn more about women and sexuality in general. This shows me I have grown to be a courageous man who likes to expand his comfort zone. In one particular workshop I was even naked in front of other women the first time in my life which was very liberating. I also gave and received a full-body massage which was quite an experience, but nowadays I prefer connections in my real life where these amazing things could happen for free.
  • Won a free ticket (2000€ in worth) to the luxury Raw Vegan Cruise in Croatia where I experienced romantic love for the first time in my life and got a confirmation that my disability is not a problem when it comes to women. The fear of not ever experiencing romantic love had stayed with me for a long time, but thanks to the growing confidence and trust in myself I finally attracted the experience. As we got separated, we haven’t seen each other again, so my next goal is to attract a long-term romantic relationship and also lose my virginity.
  • Won a singing contest and participated in an Estonian version of the American Idol where I didn’t get far, but managed to share a positive message to my people and touch hundreds of lives. I was also one of the few who didn’t sing an English pop song – instead I sang in Estonian and did what I felt was right.
  • Overcame the addiction to video games, TV shows and social media. Well it is still a challenge because I grew up with computers, but I can manage it quite well. At least I’m mostly doing something productive when I’m online. This was one of the most important achievements of my life because it took me closer to my real goals and I stopped feeling the kind of emptiness I described in one of my articles: Prison Break.
  • Got a 2nd place in a bestseller contest and published my first Estonian book called The Gift of Pain. This is something I’m most proud of because I created something of true value. I measure success in lives that I have changed and I think that this was a crucial step towards the fulfilment of my life’s mission.
  • Studied regression therapy for two years at a Holistic Therapy Institute in Estonia where I learned a lot about emotional healing and overcoming traumas. I didn’t finish it because I wasn’t ready to become a therapist (still quite a lot of emotional releasing to do) and I preferred coaching.
  • Got certified as a Professional Coach in Erickson Coaching International which is accredited by ICF. This improved my confidence to become an entrepreneur and quit my job as a webmaster.
  • So far I have shared my life story in four public schools to inspire children and teenagers. Also one of the most uncomfortable yet valuable and rewarding things I’ve ever done, but this will become a norm as one my greatest ambitions is to become a powerful public speaker.
  • Decided to rise on my feet in June 2019. Click here to see some of the cool video montages I have done.

This seems like a lot, and it really is, but because I can appreciate my life and celebrate the wins instead of complaining about my problems. I have plenty of challenges in my life and I have a long way to go, but I’m proud of myself.

When I fall down, I get up again. I have times when all the pain from my past comes back and I feel exhausted, but thanks to the power of mindfulness and self-love, I always find the strength to continue.

I have even bigger dreams on my to-do-list and when I look back to recognize what I have achieved so far, I totally believe I can make them all come true.

Come and join me on this amazing adventure and feel free to ask me any questions you’d like!