You Can’t Rewind the Clock. But You Can Overcome Regret Right Now

When I think about all the time I’ve wasted on mindless scrolling, watching TV shows / anime / YouTube reaction videos, playing video games, reading Covid-19 news or comments, creating and deleting accounts on dating sites, checking social media and e-mail every now and then, having dilemmas about my niche or purpose or even consuming self-development content, I feel frustrated.

When I imagine all the things I could have created in my life or all the people I could have helped instead of procrastinating and falling into the same habitual patterns, I feel sad. Very sad.

I’m still young as a 29-year old but when I consider that I already found my calling 10 years ago and have had so much potential, it still hurts. Just like it hurts when you are way older than me and it seems like there is not much time left.

In a way, we are all equal in our experience with time. When we compare numbers, we might feel solace or discouragement, depending on where we stand, but we can all feel a similar level of regret, especially when being aware of death and not taking things for granted.

Luckily, we have equal opportunities to turn it around as well. Because what does regret really mean and when do we usually experience it? Do we have room for regret if we are currently living in harmony with our true values, feeling that life is epic as fuck?

No! We regret wasting our life in this moment! And that means we can create a transformation in a blink of an eye. By choosing to live now.

I know I can never rewind the clock and recover my lost opportunities, but I can always create more.

I can always turn a new page and restart my life with purpose and determination.

I can always be grateful for the painful lessons and use them to my advantage to help even more people because I know I’m not alone. We all have regrets and we all can inspire each other to rediscover ourselves and make our lives count!

We want to be smart though. Temporary inspiration is not enough because we have all been there and lost it. That’s why we need the strategies combined with the right environment to keep winning the day and stay in touch with our hearts.

In the upcoming posts, I will dive more deeply into that and share what has helped me along my journey of overcoming digital addiction and becoming a focused creator.



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