Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Reality

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We create our reality according to our present state of consciousness which is constantly changing.

A state of consciousness is like an energy field that attracts emotions and situations which empower that state of consciousness in return.

For example if you are frustrated about not working out enough or a negative comment you heard from someone, you will likely start to see or invent additional problems in your life as well. If you sit on Facebook all day long and you don’t create value for yourself or other people, you feel emptiness which affects everything else you perceive as reality.

Losing focus and connection with the heart

If we let ourselves become unfocused and derailed from our dreams, the energy in our body decreases, old habits return and motivation starts to fade. And if our energy level is low, we easily attract thoughts and feelings to make us believe that we don’t even want to do what we really want to do. How misleading is this!

“Ah, I am not in the right mood.”
“I think I’m not this kind of a person after all.”
“I will do that later.”

Sometimes this creates a lot of confusion. “I was ready to do this and I really wanted to move forward, but why do I suddenly feel that I don’t want it anymore? Like I suddenly became a totally different person with a different fate.”

Some people may stay stuck in that hole for years in case they identify with their feelings and start to affirm this temporary reality with their thoughts, but a lot of us simply repeat the same cycle over and over again.

At one point we open our eyes and everything seems to be fantastic. We know who we are and what we want. We are connected to our wildest dreams and move powerfully towards them. We have no doubts about our path. We feel tremendous passion, creativity and inspiration – everything is flowing perfectly. We are so full of energy that none of the steps seem to require too much effort.

But suddenly we lose our awareness and step into a world of distractions and temporary pleasures which give no food to our souls. If the energy has dissipated, darkness and emptiness now starts to creep in. We experience confusion, identity crisis and a lack of motivation. There is no strength to take action. Instead we want to be aimlessly lazy and distract ourselves, thinking about overeating, having sex, buying, consuming and watching entertaining TV shows.

We fall under the control of egoistic and often self-destructive habits which may seem very precious at that moment, but deep inside there is a knowing that it’s only a slow death without a real value. A person in that state of consciousness may forget that happiness is an inside job, and starts searching love outside of himself instead.

The consequences of this derailing are dependent on when do we notice our loss of focus, and how long do we let ourselves stay in that state. Habits which are formed over many years can play a huge role in this. Some people can return to the purposeful and rational behavior more easily than others, but a person who has used to being in a comfort zone and who is lacking great self-management skills, can get stuck for days or even weeks as long as something doesn’t force him/her to take action. 

“People are as lazy as they are allowed to be” – if a person is not connected to his true purpose and being, this statement is very correct.

What helps people get out of the hole?

Responsibilities and fear – survival instincts kick in and order us to go to work or do our homework. It is beneficial because it gets us moving, but it’s only a partial solution. A lack of personal vision and following some rules out of fear doesn’t make us happy.

Frustration, sadness, anger – all these emotions are incredible catalysts for change, but the result depends on how to deal with them and where to direct these emotions. Sometimes it can be so powerful that it immediately throws us on the other side of the river. There is a lot of power in these intense feelings, because they make us choose – life or death, freedom or imprisonment, happiness or suffering. A person makes a clear decision: “I MUST change!”

Steady emptiness, self-suppression and lying to yourself doesn’t lead anywhere, but powerful and uncomfortable emotions will always help us to change the mess we are in. Therefore we shouldn’t fear or suppress feelings, but feel grateful for them! Emotions are the language of the soul.

But do we have to wait until the external world forces us to act? Does our hearts have to scream in pain before we change our ways?

Of course not and that’s why life is such a beautiful experience. We have the power to change our state of consciousness in every moment. Just one flick of a finger and we wake up in the new world once again.

We are responsible for our whole reality. But first we must become aware of this. We have to experience it to fully understand the immense power that we possess.


Meditating or being mindful is observing your thoughts, feelings and experiences just like you were sitting in front of a movie screen and watching the play with complete neutrality and non-attachment.

Having awareness is the perfect start, because it helps us to stop digging the hole of suffering and look at the situation more objectively. We don’t judge ourselves or think that the current reality would last forever, but we just observe the experience and realize that we can change it at any time.

But awareness is just the first part of the answer. When we’ve got trapped in a thick spider web, we need energy to make a bold move and step out of our comfort zone. We have to stop sabotaging ourselves (by closing the web browser, standing up or going outside), and that requires some start-up energy.

When we’ve fallen into a low state of mind and lost contact with our passions, it is not enough to have temporary thoughts or memories about our dreams, values and past experiences. “I am aware of these illusions of the mind. I know that it’s just a temporary state of being. I know what is right and what do I really want, but why am I still not moving?!”

All life consists of energies and vibrations. If a thought doesn’t resonate with our current state of consciousness, it doesn’t feel true. That’s why it is so essential to raise our energy levels first.

Creating the right state of consciousness

How to influence the state of consciousness and create new thoughts, emotions, beliefs and experiences?

  • MOVEMENT– fresh air, people, broader view, blood circulation and oxygen. What are you doing with your body? Where are you? How do you move, what position are you in? It influences our energy levels significantly. For example when we let our backs fall into the chair – this doesn’t happen because of laziness, but instead laziness is caused by the position of the body. Every step has a message and purpose: our movements tell the story about what kind of people do we want to be.
  • MEDITATION – presence, silence, space. The chance to connect with your true self and let go of old programs and shackles. (Also read: 10 Tips to Calm the Mind)
  • BREATHING – the deeper and slower it is, the calmer is your mind. When you change your breathing, you change your perception.
  • POSITIVE REFLECTION – being in contact with someone else’s passion (a good article, video, movie or book). Something that makes you feel. Positive exchange of energy reminds you of your values and dreams.
  • FOOD – how fresh and water-rich, how easily digestible? Food can make us sleepy or load ourselves with energy and willpower.
  • SLEEP – if the body can sleep deeply, the mind is calm and brighter. Being in harmony with natural rhythm (going to sleep early and waking up with the sun) makes you feel productive, but oversleeping makes you feel like a zombie.
  • PHYSICAL SPACE – is your room clean and organized? Everything in your range of vision wastes precious mental resources, so the more minimalist life, the easier it is to focus on the essentials.
  • MUSIC – inspirational songs help us to return to ourselves and remember our greatest potential (my PowerMusic playlist).
  • OTHER TRICKS – positive affirmations, visualizations, gratitude, singing and all other pleasant activities.

It all comes down to FOCUS – what we think about and where do we direct our attention eventually becomes our reality.

We have so many opportunities to change our state of consciousness and create a new world. But even taking these simple steps can sometimes require a lot of willpower. A solid decision and choice. It all depends on where do you start and how much do you have momentum. It is always easier to change your direction at the first slips or moments of unconsciousness.

This is the chance to learn how to manage ourselves and grow our willpower. If we are such powerful beings, why should we wait for more favorable conditions? We can change it all right now!

In case you are lacking of this willpower, it is reasonable to start with the smallest and simplest action. What is the least energy depleting step that can give birth to a new beginning?

For me that’s breathing. Making my first footsteps. Going away from the computer and other distractions. The mouse click on the X or pushing the Shut Down button. It is actually not so difficult as it seems. 🙂

Finally your soul starts to awaken and the momentum will grow. Now you only need to maintain your awareness and let the snowball fall.

In every human lies a genius who is waiting for the right playroom. Give him/her the opportunity and the miracles will start to happen!


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