10 Tips to Calm the Mind

10 Tips to Calm the Mind

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Our minds hold an enormous power over our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. Everything starts in the mind, which creates emotions (energy in motion), which lead us to behave and act in certain ways.

The mind is so powerful that if we don’t learn to control and use it properly, it will definitely control us. Most people today are enslaved to their minds, which cause them endless amount of suffering and keep them trapped inside the Matrix.

We have the power to create absolutely anything with our minds. We can also use this power to actually take away our power. The potential of our consciousness is indescribable and yet, every day we see countless people, who are acting like total victims with no power whatsoever. Why? Because they have no awareness about this magnificent power they possess. They are using it unknowingly. They are applying the law of freewill, which can even turn our reality into a living hell if we allow it to happen.

If a person believes his life is a total misery, it will be. The universe replies: “Your wish is my command.” To put it another way, he programs his brain to create the desired reality and filter out all the rest. There is no right and wrong in this world. Everything is just an experience (creation) in this manifested world. There is no God, who judges our decisions and says: “You are making a bad decision, I won’t allow it.” Only in human fantasy is something called “bad” actually bad. Compared to our human selfishness, the universe is actually very kind and accepting. We can manifest whatever we want, whether it brings us joy or sorrow. In fact, these “bad” experiences can actually teach us quite a lot. Personally, I’m very grateful for the challenging life I’ve lived, because it made me the unique person I am today.

While suffering and different life challenges can be very helpful to expand our awareness and capabilities of giving love, it’s not necessary. Once we have become aware of our freewill, it’s not rational to create suffering and keep ourselves trapped. Why should we suffer just for the sake of it? I think the only purpose of suffering is to awaken us. Some people have so ordinary and dull lives, which are full of emptiness, but lack pain to challenge their spirits. And some people might have exciting lives or great material abundance, but are still controlled by many illusions of life. In my opinion, these people are the unlucky ones. I prefer to have a painful life to wake up and become conscious! Once that’s done, I don’t have to experience anymore pain so I can enjoy all the things in the physical world anyway. Seems like a total win. I start with a “bad” hand, but end up with all the cards I choose to have. 🙂

Remember that your mind is only a tool you use to create the desired experiences in life. It is not supposed to control us like it’s common in our world at this time. If we don’t learn to be conscious of our thoughts, we will get lost. It can never find piece on its own, because the mind is addicted to drama and conflicts. It will always find problems in our lives no matter how much abundance do we currently have. It also causes a lot of confusion and contradictions. At one moment we think in one way and the next moment we already think in another way. These constantly changing waves can make us really unstable and lost, if we don’t take the steps to become the master of these waves.

The benefits of a relaxed mind include sharper concentration and intuition, better memory, efficiency, peacefulness, happiness, clarity, creativity and so on. When we become free of all the garbage in our minds, we feel like superhumans, who are powerful beyond measure.

So what are the actions you can take to become the ruler of your mind?

1. Meditate at All Times

Meditation is the key to life. It’s not enough to meditate 20 minutes in a lotus position or do some yoga from time to time. We want to be awake in every moment of our lives! Time is an illusion. Everything we actually have is right now. If we don’t wake up now, we will never wake up. If we are unconscious today, we are unconscious tomorrow. We can only change when we decide to change in the present moment. That means we should direct our attention to everything we do. If we walk, we walk. If we talk, we pay total attention to our conversation partner. If we eat, we eat.

We are so stuck in this illusion of time that we assume there is always an opportunity to live in the future. We are constantly multitasking and doing things half-heartedly. We are rarely engaged in the present moment like children are. We have been programmed to live inside our minds and believe in time. But the truth is, we only have this one ever-changing moment. Everything can change in a blink of an eye. What happens will never happen again, because every moment is unique. Before we realize, our friends and family can pass away or our own life could suddenly end. So why wait any longer? Let’s take the best out of our life right now and always!

Constant meditation helps us to stay present even in the most challenging times. It gives us an opportunity to observe what’s happening inside our minds and avoid getting dragged in. Even when your mind is on a rampage and flooded with thoughts, it’s not a problem if you stay observant. Don’t try to fight these thoughts, because this would create even more conflict. Remember: what you resist (fight against with effort), persists. So resist nothing. Just watch them like clouds in the sky. A movie is playing, some voices are heard. There’s nothing to be taken too seriously. Observe and let them go.

How to Escape The Prison of Your Own Mind – Eckhart Tolle

2. Deep and Conscious Breathing

Did you know that with breathing we can control our speed of thought? The deeper and slower we breathe, the more relaxed we become. If you pay attention to people who are really anxious or frightened, you see that they breathe like a fast train. Stress causes our bodies to gather more oxygen to deal with the energy crisis. It’s often automatic, but we can breathe consciously as well. The mind affects the body and also vice-versa. So when we consciously breathe slowly and deeply, our body relaxes, our heart rate goes down and our mind becomes more peaceful. Whenever you feel anxious, just remember to direct your breathing and you will start to relax.

3. Move Your Body

Stop sitting on your ass and do some exercises! Go walking or running, do some gardening or any other physical activity you can think of. Moving and using our bodies to a greater extent enables us to connect with ourselves. Our body is our sacred temple, which is also one of the gates to the present moment. We are often so distracted that we don’t notice its feelings and needs. Moving the body helps us to take a journey from our minds to our hearts and makes us feel special and powerful.

4. Spend Time in Nature and Connect With Life

It’s very healing to connect with plants, trees, birds, animals and everything else we see or hear. The ones who regularly go outside are generally more peaceful and happy, because nature cleanses and calms us. We get a feeling of connection with something greater than ourselves and our limited, fake lives. We get a chance to feel what’s beyond the Matrix. Always find time to connect with life on the planet, walk barefoot on the ground, hug trees and breathe the wonderful fresh air. It is one of the most healing things you can do to yourself!

5. Speak or Write What’s on Your Mind

Sometimes instead of trying to quiet the mind and get rid of your ideas, it’s more useful to actually listen to them and take action. Maybe your mind is going crazy, because you don’t let yourself be heard? Let it all out and stop suppressing your thoughts and feelings. Throat is a step closer to your heart. That’s why singing is also very healing to us. I have noticed my mind has become a lot calmer after taking steps to share my ideas with the world. You see, it’s true that our thoughts are often very destructive or disturbing, but some of them are actually quite useful. The world needs your messages! If you don’t show your true colors and take action, someone else will and that might be damaging to the planet. If there is so much negativity going around freely, then why shouldn’t positivity be allowed to flourish?

6. Listen to Your Heart and Do What You Love

Free yourself from destructive habits and change your lifestyle to be aligned with what you truly believe in. That also means switching your career and following your passion. That may take a lot of courage, but it’s very important. Sometimes it’s not enough to just suppress our feelings and accept the life we have. Sometimes we have to take radical action and stop the bullshit! Of course we don’t have to become panicked and avoid our current jobs like the plague, but when we feel it’s time, the decision must be done. I tried to “accept” everything what I experienced during my internship related to IT systems administration and perceive everything as positive as possible, but my feelings of emptiness never stopped. I didn’t think negative thoughts at all, but I still felt like I was dying inside. My soul was screaming and I felt extremely disconnected with my inner truth. Finally I realized that it was time to stop this nonsense and focus on the things I love to do. We don’t have to accept and stick with everything what was given to us. We don’t have to push on for the rest of our lives, because of some decision in the past. WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!

7. Stay Away From the Mainstream Media

Seriously. It’s just full of crap and useless information, which doesn’t help us deal with our practical issues. Besides look how much negativity and chaos it produces. It’s full of propaganda, lies and manipulation. It is part of an industry, which profits from people being fearful and depressed. You’ll get all the necessary news from Facebook or friends anyway. So try to stay away from media and see how much value do you lose because of it. I highly doubt that the loss is noticeable.

8. Listen to Relaxing High Vibrational Music

Avoid listening to chaotic music coming from the radio. Powerful and fast-paced songs can stimulate you at times when you need an energy boost, but it can also deplete yourself. When you need to relax as much as possible, I recommend you to use only peaceful and simple music. Songs of nature, instrumental and classical music, or meditation albums are good choices for that. But nothing beats the plain old silence or real sounds from nature!

9. Clean and Organize Your Room

The internal and external worlds are interconnected and they both reflect each other. I have noticed that whenever I’m cleaning and simplifying my room, my mind gets cleaned out as well. After I’m done, I always feel more peaceful and focused. It’s much easier to concentrate in a clean and organized room. No wonder a lot of housewives enjoy cleaning. It relieves stress, calms the mind and offers an opportunity to spend some time alone as well.

10. Sell All the Things You Don’t Need

We have accumulated so much stuff during our lives it’s unbelievable. The less things you have, the simpler your life is. Everything takes its space and every purchase has its price. The more we spend, the more we have to worry about getting more money to spend and the more we have to be afraid of losing our things. Have you noticed that sometimes we get so attached to our stuff that we don’t want to sell or give things away even when we don’t need them anymore? Due to this attachment I waited many years before I sold my electric guitar, which was mostly sitting in a corner. I just didn’t want to let go of it, because 1) I had nice memories associated to it, 2) I thought that maybe I would use it someday or 3) I was a bit frustrated to sell it a lot cheaper than I bought it.

Our obsession with things is crazy. Many of us get trapped inside the illusion that external objects give value and meaning to our lives. They become part of our identity and that’s why it is hard to let go of them, because we are afraid of losing ourselves. But actually we are just holding on to an attachment. We ourselves give power to things, which in reality are just energy particles like everything else. It’s important to remind ourselves that in the end of our lives we will lose everything anyway. Nothing really belongs to us. We only use them temporarily, including our human bodies.

Now I only keep the things I use RIGHT NOW. There is no point to hold on to stuff, which we don’t use regularly. We should always give our extra things away or sell them, because that means freedom and simplicity to us. If you want to have a peace of mind and feel more freedom in your life, train yourself to let go of unnecessary stuff. There is more pleasure in it than you might think.

I’m sure there are many other tips and tricks for calming the mind and using it more efficiently, but they are very related to each other. The only thing we truly need is a clear consciousness and an open heart. All the answers lie within ourselves. We just need to listen to our feelings that send us a signal when something is wrong. If we stay present and observe our mind and body, we can easily tell the difference between different states of consciousness and their triggers. Just notice what helps you the best and take care.

I wish you a lot of peace and patience on your journey! Know that wherever you currently are, you can always change it. It may take a while depending on your own level of resistance, but nothing is impossible. Actually it’s much easier than you think. So be patient and always tell the difference between your habits (patterns) and yourself, which is pure awareness.

Now go and take a deep breath. I’ll meet you there!

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