How to Be Happy While Making Your Dreams Come True?

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In my previous article “How To Be Happy Despite Pain And Hardships?” I explained what is true happiness according to my experience.

We can achieve anything we desire, yet still feel empty because happiness can only come from within. It can only be expressed when you let go of control and accept life exactly as it reveals itself in this moment.

It is not easy to do this. That’s why most people must suffer in great amounts before the mind can finally surrender and let go of trying to control everything. Although the mind can be so stubborn that a person suffers for the rest of his or her life, suffering is still one of the most effective ways to wake up.

To let go of control means basically to die before your physical death, but because it is the only option remaining at a critical point of one’s life, the courage can be found to face the death of the ego. But instead of dying, we enter the state of abundance and bliss. That’s when we discover our true self.

Part II: Creation

When we accept life as it is and discover who we really are, we realize that there is no need to do anything. We already have enough. We are already fulfilled. Everything is as it is, and it’s okay.

But we always have a choice and responsibility. We are the creators of our own reality. We can choose where we direct our attention, what we focus on. What kind of meaning do we give to our experiences. Which questions to ask and what kind of answers do we receive in return.

You don’t have to do anything. There might be no point in anything, at least in an ordinary sense. The world continues to exist without us – there is nothing to save and nothing we absolutely must do.

We are the ones who create a purpose for ourselves. A meaning to our existence. We choose the experience we want to have.

But if we come from a place of happiness and peace, everything we do is an authentic expression of ourselves. Inspiration that is born from emptiness. That is the solution to lose the desperate need to achieve something. That’s how we can do great things without the fear of failing. Experience happiness while making our dreams come true.

It doesn’t mean we have to eliminate our fantasies. I love the quote from The Way of the Peaceful Warrior where Socrates said: “A warrior does not give up what he loves. He finds the love in what he does.”

The truth is that you can also be happy among the stars. You can be enlightened without ever being born on this Earth. But the fact is you are here. So what are you going to do about it?

I like to believe that everything has a purpose. But at the same time there doesn’t have to be a purpose. You can make your own choice about how you are going to live this life. Will it still be your destiny in the end? Perhaps… But it is still your choice. So it doesn’t matter.

If there is no need to do anything and if you are beautiful exactly as you are, what are you naturally inspired to do? If you can answer this question, you have found your life purpose.

Beliefs And Programs That Serve Us

I like to think that there is no right or wrong. Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true.

So the real question is: What kind of beliefs are going to serve you?

A conscious person does not install programs on his computer that are not useful to him. That’s why waking up and being mindful always involves the update of your entire system.

If you become aware of any limitation, you will immediately change it. A limiting belief can only exist if you lack the awareness to see what it is. When you see unlimited possibilities, you only choose what’s best for you.

A happy person changes the circumstances of life to suit her preferences, or assigns a positive meaning to her experiences if there is something that cannot be controlled.

That doesn’t mean she is ignorant and blind. She just makes a conscious choice. If something is serving you, what’s the problem around that? Even if it was supposedly untrue? If the results are something you are pleased with, well done!

This kind of mindset helps to turn our weaknesses into strengths. That’s how a traumatic accident can become a gift to the whole world. That’s why experiencing pain can be a very beautiful thing.

It is good to come back to neutrality and objective observing from time to time, and notice all possibilities. To understand that everything is as it is without giving any meaning to it. But in a practical way it is still useful to be positive about some things.

I’m grateful for my accident because it helped me to become the person I am today. It really made my life interesting. It gave me a purpose. Ways to make a difference in this world. And it is true, isn’t it?

Whatever we believe in becomes our truth. So make your beliefs count!

The Trap of Spirituality

I have seen a lot of spiritual people who try to become so enlightened that they start eliminating all their earthly desires. They get stuck in a thought that they must be no one. And there is no point in anything. Just meditate and be happy, right?

Well, whatever someone prefers, but I would like to share a story of mine about a time when I struggled with this dilemma.

I was an exchange student living in Portugal. At one point I got stuck in my old habits of watching TV series or playing computer games.

I felt like shit. I really wanted to do something about it, but my mind was clever and told me to accept everything as it was. Somehow taking action to improve your life had become bad because a spiritual teacher on YouTube was talking about making peace with any situation.

I expressed this in one of my articles called Prison Break. My mind was clearly controlling me using the spiritual teachings, because well… the mind is clever and knows ways to create resistance, but I managed to return to my senses.

It’s not about the right teachings, words or actions. It’s about the energy behind everything you say or do. When you listen to your heart, you get access to a much more powerful source of wisdom than any teaching out there. Like they say … one can point to the right direction, but never show you the real truth unless you experience it for yourself.

Even Eckhart Tolle has explained that if you get your foot stuck in the mud, you don’t just sit there and do nothing because that’s somehow spiritual. You take action to get unstuck because that is a preferable and completely rational thing to do.

Have balance in everything and never believe any of your thoughts too much despite their appearance!

The Journey Brings Us Happiness

Even when happiness is accessible in every situation and not dependent on the external circumstances, it is still true that we are alive and like to express ourselves in fulfilling ways.

I believe that happiness is also about growth and learning. Challenges and excitement. A life of meaning and movement.

Happiness is ultimately living and being connected to the world around us. Playing with the surroundings and our bodies as we did when we were children. It is a spontaneous flowing that comes from the heart.

A tree doesn’t grow to be happy. It just grows. A cat doesn’t run and play like crazy to achieve something. It simply lives. Life is meant to be ever-changing and developing. It is natural to feel motivation to move, explore and learn about the world.

It is about a joyful journey that is born from pure inspiration and a desire to express. And that’s what happiness is really about. It is not our dreams that make us happy. It is the happiness which drives us to fulfill our dreams!

Dreams are powerful. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I have powerful visions I want to move towards because they make me come alive. The process of achieving my goals makes me the person I really want to be. It’s how I want to express what is inside me. And that’s how I can also let go of the outcome since I know the real secret of happiness.

In the future I will go into more practical ways to maintain the state of happiness on a daily basis, but first I wanted to explain the mindset around it.

Awareness + Love + Authentic Expression = Realizing Your Greatest Potential

Make peace with your deepest pain, discover who you really are and what you are naturally inspired to do, and make yourself a legend!



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