Self-Mastery Coach

I used to be an insecure and bullied boy in a wheelchair, glued to a computer screen and wishing to end my life that seemingly had no future.

Fortunately I didn’t give up in my darkest moments. I discovered my true self and embraced my life completely, which ultimately enabled me to walk with crutches, become a singer, write a book, experience romance and find a purpose.

Now I am a self-mastery coach who helps young men overcome emotional pain and digital distractions, so they could unleash their power (self-love and focused attention) to achieve their greatest dreams. 


Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Reality

We create our reality according to our present state of consciousness, which is constantly changing. A state of consciousness is like an energy field that attracts emotions and situations, which empower that state of consciousness in return.

Raw Vegan Cruise

Deep Romance on a Dreamy Luxury Cruise: My First Time

Have you ever heard about a luxury raw vegan cruise, where people are health-conscious, happy and supportive, chefs are serving unlimited amounts of delicious living plant-based food, lectures are filled with profound and simple truths, and where you can swim, sunbathe or explore the surrounding nature as much as you desire?

Love is Our Natural State of Being

When mindfulness opens the gates of our inner worlds and grants us the space to be peaceful and flowing, it’s the magical love for ourselves,

10 Tips to Calm the Mind

10 Tips to Calm the Mind

Our minds hold an enormous power over our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. Everything starts in the mind, which creates emotions