Self-Mastery Coach

I used to be an insecure and bullied boy in a wheelchair, glued to a computer screen and wishing to end my life that seemingly had no future.

Fortunately I didn’t give up in my darkest moments. I discovered my true self and embraced my life completely, which ultimately enabled me to walk with crutches, become a singer, write a book, experience romance and find a purpose.

Now I am a self-mastery coach who helps young men overcome emotional pain and digital distractions, so they could unleash their power (self-love and focused attention) to achieve their greatest dreams. 


missioon tõusta jalgadele

Mission to Walk Again

Friends, I’m on a powerful mission. I intend to demonstrate to millions of people how powerful is a human body when your heart is filled

Without Home Internet

A Month Without Internet

Recently I was organizing my old notebooks and documents, and found an inspiring writing about my experiences without the home internet in 2015. That was