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The Way We See The Problem Is The Problem

In Inspiration by Madis Mark2 Commentss

We all want to be happy and successful. But we usually try to look for the solutions outside of ourselves. A lot of us believe that happiness comes from acquiring external things, relationships, experiences etc. „If only I achieved my goal… Then I would be happy.“ A few of us …

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Overcoming Emptiness

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Recently I started to feel this old Matrix-type feeling. A lot of emptiness, confusion and insecurity. An identity crisis. The kind of feeling like I have no idea who I am and what should I do in this world. There are so many options, so many roads to choose, but …

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Prison Break

In Inspiration, Self Development by Madis Mark1 Comment

All these hours wasted in front of the computer screen, being addicted to watching TV series, playing games or just mindlessly surfing the Facebook and checking the mail account every 10 minutes… We can never get that time back. Why? What’s the point of all this? If you can do …