One day I woke up with a realization that I wish to change my life. I knew I could have done a lot more than I actually did – wasting my life scrolling Facebook or watching YouTube videos.

But before taking any action, I started with acceptance and being grateful: everything is OK exactly as it is.

Nothing may change. My life. My personality. My body. I accept that I cannot control everything in my life.

And yet I can still be happy. I can be grateful even in my current situation. I don’t have to change!

I took a moment to deeply recognize this truth, and wrote down everything I’m grateful for:

  • I am alive. I can breathe freely. My body has always given its best. I am healthier than I actually think.
  • I have a home. I have a supporting family, even though our paths are completely different. I feel safe. They are always there for me, at least physically and materially, and emotionally as much as they are able to.
  • I am independent. I have a working car that has stayed in shape thanks to my family and different car experts. I have a wheelchair to go shopping with. I have crutches that enable me to walk.
  • I have enough money. I can get myself plenty of food to live and function. In tough times, I know how to be a minimalist. I don’t have a fear of hunger, since I’m aware that my body is powerful and fasting can be very healing from time to time. I have received pension from the social services since I was 16, which has made my life so much easier. I have always got what I needed to live equally with others. And now I also have a beautiful small apartment thanks to the city government in Tallinn, so I can finally save a few hundred euros per month since the cost of rent is extremely low.
  • I have the capability to earn more money. I can always work at home and use my computer knowledge to earn a living. I’m thankful for these skills, even though I have wanted to switch roles for a long time. It is not my passion, but a good opportunity nonetheless. Luckily one of my friends even gave me a job which doesn’t take too much time and is connected to my interests: entrepreneurship and social media marketing. There is always a way to find a good balance!
  • I have all the resources to gain knowledge and improve my skills. The internet is an extraordinary tool that makes everything accessible. I know the best blogs, books, courses and trainings in every field I’m interested in. There are no excuses. I am fully responsible for my success.
  • I like myself. I know how to be happy in the present moment. To make all challenges easier to manage. To be a peaceful observer and explorer. I am a powerful creator. Talented, versatile, open and loving person. I can do anything I really want. To be an expert on whatever topic I dedicate myself to. I was born with tremendous resources, although I had to go through many hardships to reveal it. Now everything happens by itself – the challenging part is just to direct and maintain my focus.
  • I have an unique life. Pain has made me stronger and wiser. I’m grateful for my accident because it helped me to become the person I am today. Thanks to the challenging journey I can make a difference and live a meaningful life.

Let go of the things you cannot control. Give your best in everything you can control. Start with acceptance and gratitude. And surely your life will change.

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