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The Dreamy Raw Vegan Cruise in Croatia

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Have you ever heard about a luxury raw vegan cruise, where people are health-conscious, happy and supportive, chefs are serving unlimited amounts of delicious living plant-based food, lectures are filled with profound and simple truths, and where you can swim, sunbathe or explore the surrounding nature as much as you desire?

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Love is Our Natural State of Being

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When mindfulness opens the gates of our inner worlds and grants us the space to be peaceful and flowing, it’s the magical love for ourselves, which flows naturally out of those gates. It’s pure joy in the hearts of people that brightens up even our darkest experiences. It’s the music, …

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10 Tips to Calm the Mind

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Our minds hold an enormous power over our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. Everything starts in the mind, which creates emotions (energy in motion), which lead us to behave and act in certain ways. The mind is so powerful that if we don’t learn to control …

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The Way We See The Problem Is The Problem

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We all want to be happy and successful. But we usually try to look for the solutions outside of ourselves. A lot of us believe that happiness comes from acquiring external things, relationships, experiences etc. „If only I achieved my goal… Then I would be happy.“ A few of us …