So you are reading some of my blog posts and are wondering … what exactly are my qualifications to be trustworthy in the self-development field?

Well I’m still learning like all of us, but I have a powerful life story which could make a strong impact on my readers. My professional career has a lot of room for improvement, but I make up for it with my personality and a powerful vision for life.

Here are the top achievements of my personal life, so you can decide for yourself if you are interested in what I have to say:

  • Survived an apartment fire as a four year old and a concrete block falling on my back at a construction site used for playing when I was nine. I lost the ability to walk, but it was a miracle that I even survived.
  • Went through fire and water, experiencing a lot of suffering which lead me to value something very different in life compared to the other kids. It taught me strength. After many years I finally overcame depression and suicidal thoughts through compassion and self-forgiveness.
  • Took responsibility for my life and decided to never give up. Soon I discovered true self-love and learned to appreciate myself as I am. Sometimes I felt painful in public and when comparing myself to other people, but I gradually started to realize that I gained something much more precious than the superficial stuff everyone else had.
  • Started to believe that my accident was a gift to the whole world and I wouldn’t change a thing if I could travel back in time. Yes, I want to help others so that they wouldn’t need to experience so much pain as I did, but making peace with your past is very healing. What’s done is done. Take the best out of it and move forward.
  • Got a driving license and started to live independently in another city called Tallinn. This increased my self-confidence a lot. I managed to meet more people in three months than in all the previous years combined. Then I also graduated from Estonian Information Technology College as a IT Systems Administrator, although I knew it wasn’t my true path.
  • Discovered my true self and stopped identifying with my thoughts. Is there anything more important than this? I got a lot of help from the movie called Peaceful Warrior and The Power of Now written by Eckhart Tolle. I remember a moment when everything shifted – I literally woke up.
  • Became a vegan and tried to eat a raw food diet for over 3 years. This solved many of my health problems, but also made some things more complicated than ever because I made many mistakes. Still feel best without animal products, but I’m more flexible now. At the moment I’m in the process of healing my digestive system and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help my body. I’m mostly grateful for the mind expansion I went through during all those years. Now I’m open to all possibilities and can accept anyone’s nutrition choices.
  • Lived five months in Portugal as an exchange student using my wheelchair. I got some help with transportation from time to time, but mostly I managed everything by myself. I even tried surfing which was totally awesome! Nothing is impossible, right?
  • Participated in a TV show about hiking with disabilities where we travelled 350 kilometres in Estonia by foot (or wheelchairs), bicycles, canoes, kayaks and horses. It was extremely challenging to struggle physically every single day while in front of the camera and dealing with other inner demons. Sometimes I felt totally helpless in a forest full of fallen down trees with my wet clothes and aching muscles, but it truly taught me a new kind of resilience. The lesson was simple: there are no limits to what we can do.
  • Got up and started to walk with crutches. I had this ability for a long time already, but I was living in my comfort zone, believing it was too unpractical and difficult. Then I finally decided to try and go to work only using my car and crutches. I began small, but eventually I managed to keep living like this most of the time, except when shopping in large supermarkets.
  • Joined a choir, became a public singer (soloist) and overcame the fear of being in the centre of attention. The first times were terrifying, but after a while I felt sure that I was born to be on stage. Singing has been one of the top ways for me to face my fears and increase self-confidence. And I think my voice sounds even fantastic now! I can’t imagine my life without singing anymore. Additionally I had violin lessons for 3 years until I took a break.
  • Participated in many tantric festivals and workshops as the only person with disability to overcome fears of intimacy and learn more about women and sexuality in general. This shows me I have grown to be a courageous man who likes to expand his comfort zone. In one particular workshop I was even naked in front of other women the first time in my life which was very liberating. I also gave and received a full-body massage which was quite an experience, but nowadays I prefer connections in my real life where these amazing things could happen for free.
  • Won a free ticket (2000€ in worth) to the luxury Raw Vegan Cruise in Croatia where I experienced romantic love for the first time in my life and got a confirmation that my disability is not a problem when it comes to women. The fear of not ever experiencing romantic love had stayed with me for a long time, but thanks to the growing confidence and trust in myself I finally attracted the experience. As we got separated, we haven’t seen each other again, so my next goal is to attract a long-term romantic relationship and also lose my virginity.
  • Won a singing contest and participated in an Estonian version of the American Idol where I didn’t get far, but managed to share a positive message to my people and touch hundreds of lives. I was also one of the few who didn’t sing an English pop song – instead I sang in Estonian and did what I felt was right.
  • Overcame the addiction to video games, TV shows and social media. Well it is still a challenge because I grew up with computers, but I can manage it quite well. At least I’m mostly doing something productive when I’m online. This was one of the most important achievements of my life because it took me closer to my real goals and I stopped feeling the kind of emptiness I described in one of my articles: Prison Break.
  • Got a 2nd place in a bestseller contest and published my first Estonian book called The Gift of Pain. This is something I’m most proud of because I created something of true value. I measure success in lives that I have changed and I think that this was a crucial step towards the fulfilment of my life’s mission.
  • Studied regression therapy for two years at a Holistic Therapy Institute in Estonia where I learned a lot about emotional healing and overcoming traumas. I didn’t finish it because I wasn’t ready to become a therapist (still quite a lot of emotional releasing to do) and I preferred coaching.
  • Got certified as a Professional Coach in Erickson Coaching International which is accredited by ICF. This improved my confidence to become an entrepreneur and quit my job as a webmaster.
  • So far I have shared my life story in four public schools to inspire children and teenagers. Also one of the most uncomfortable yet valuable and rewarding things I’ve ever done, but this will become a norm as one my greatest ambitions is to become a powerful public speaker.
  • Decided to rise on my feet in June 2019. Click here to see some of the cool video montages I have done.

This seems like a lot, and it really is, but because I can appreciate my life and celebrate the wins instead of complaining about my problems. I have plenty of challenges in my life and I have a long way to go, but I’m proud of myself.

When I fall down, I get up again. I have times when all the pain from my past comes back and I feel exhausted, but thanks to the power of mindfulness and self-love, I always find the strength to continue.

I have even bigger dreams on my to-do-list and when I look back to recognize what I have achieved so far, I totally believe I can make them all come true.

Come and join me on this amazing adventure and feel free to ask me any questions you’d like!



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