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Do you notice that you are constantly saying YES to the stuff around you? Are you so overwhelmed with countless distractions and things to do that you just cannot focus on what really matters?

And maybe all of these things seem useful and needed at first, but in the end of the day you feel like you haven’t reached anywhere?

When we stay stuck in our minds and go along with every temptation coming our way, we waste valuable time on meaningless things.

This can cause confusion, feelings of emptiness and apathy, sadness, tension in the head area, and disconnection with our body and soul. We hustle and hustle, but none of it seems important.

I have experienced this countless times, so I understand how difficult and exhausting can life feel at that moment. But there is a quick and effective way how to achieve clarity and peace of mind RIGHT NOW.

Change Your Environment

One of the easiest first steps is to move away from your current place. Shut off all that is unnecessary (computer, smartphone or TV for example) and MOVE!

For the clarity to arrive, first you need SILENCE and SPACE. Time to be with YOURSELF. I know it is tough to let go of the initial resistance, but there really is no other way. We can’t quiet our minds when we are constantly hustling or consuming more information.

It is tempting to continue and keep trying to do the 80% of things that only bring you 20% of results, so you may need to experience some pain and tension before you finally decide to stop. But if you are mindful of your body, you can notice the signals much earlier.

If there is some sort of tension inside you … or you feel that something is slightly off, just stop your activities and breathe consciously for a moment. This can reduce the pulling power of your monkey mind and bring you clarity about whether your activities are important or not.

Once you are sure that you are not making any progress, move at once. Sometimes before we can say an effective YES, we have to say NO and let go first.

Breathe deeply in and out, notice the air coming in through your nose and take the time to cleanse yourself. Let the thoughts, tensions and anxiety go. Do whatever you need to relax yourself.

A shift in our state of consciousness needs to take place before the right answers or activities. The creativity and inspiration can only flow when the mind is relaxed. This must be your primary focus.

“This is a temporary state of consciousness that I can change at any moment to create a new experience.”

Ask The Right Questions

When you are finally relaxed and free from the shackles, you can start asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

Our inner genius can’t play effectively when we are in a state of stress. Allow the silence to arrive and only then start looking for a strategy or solution.

One of the best questions to ask at this point is: “What is truly important in this moment? What is my next important step that matters?” I believe that if you get a chance to really listen to yourself, the right question will naturally reveal itself.

A quick tip: the answer is SIMPLE. When you are in the right state of mind, you will receive the right simple answer.

For additional ideas and insights, read Change Your Consciousness, Change Your Reality or 10 Tips To Calm The Mind.

If you got any questions, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I’ll help you in any way I can.



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